St. James’ Parish-Nevis-A small but significant ceremony was held in the Newcastle area on Monday 19th September-Independence Day.

On that day, the Nevis nationals, citizens and friends society, bestowed an award to Mr. Raoul Archibald who is one of the more established Street cleaners, on Nevis.

The ceremony was chaired by President Mr. Rolston Deson, who took time out to establish the objectives and goals of the society and pointed out how the society has assisted many persons in need over the years.

He also stated that the funds donated on a regular basis, come by dint of hard work, involving members’ registration fees, which is only $100.00 EC per person, per annum and through fund raising.

He urged persons present to use the opportunity to register and to become members of the very active society.

The proceedings received blessings through the invocation presented by Arch Deacon Rudolph Smithen.

Treasurer of the society, Mr. Ray Brantley, in reading a brief profile of the awardee, noted that he was employed by the Health Department since 1981 and was given that stretch of road between Government Road and the Alexander Hamilton Museum, to clean and he has done so effectively and efficiently over the years.

In presenting a plaque and a cash award of $100.00 EC, Area Representative, Hon. Alexis Jeffers, also commended Mr. Archibald for his outstanding work, on behalf of the Nevis Island Administration.

He also promised to give the awardee another $100.00 EC as a show of his appreciation for his great work.

Raoul Archibald for his part, thanked the society for appreciating his work and considering him for the award.

In a brief interview afterwards, he opined that hard work pays and noted that just recently, someone pointed out to him that when he is up working during the early hours of the morning, his boss is sleeping.

‘I guess he would not see me working but he would see the work is done,’ he said, laughing.

The session climaxed with a sumptuous meal, which was blessed by Pastoral Caretaker of the society, Mr. David Daniel.

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