Returning Nationals Society and Friends of Nevis honors Mrs. Jenipha Freeman

By: St. Clair Sazam Hull

(CHARLESTOWN NEVIS)- Mrs. Jenipha Freeman is currently the President of the Nevis Blind and Partially Disabled Society in Nevis.

Mrs. Freeman is a nurse by profession who initially pursued her profession in St. Kitts. She advanced to the heights of midwifery. After working for a few years she travelled to Barbados to study the administrative aspect of nursing.

Mrs. Freeman then confronted the unfortunate situation of becoming blind. As a result of that she was forced into retirement from her profession. Her leadership qualities however, did not go unrecognized and she was voted President of the Blind, Light and partially Disabled Society of Nevis. She has been at the helm of that organization for the past fifteen (15) years.

When asked ‘why she took on this post’ Mrs. Freeman replied, “To be there for others. It’s a challenge. It’s service above self”.

The society raises funds in various ways including lunches, tea parties, concerts and walkathons. There are also a few places that have collecting boxes for the Society for those who want to make contributions. Evelyn’s Drug Store, Bank of Nevis and RBTT are a few places where persons can drop off any contributions.

Trading Development Company (TDC) recently repaired the roof of the building located next to the Alexander Hospital. In addition to that to that screen door and water drainage were also installed. However, the Society endured a bit of bad luck when someone stole their large gas cylinder. The Society is currently in need of a replacement. The Society will also appreciate if the person(s) who stole the cylinder have it returned or contact Mrs. Freeman at 469-2023.

John Keld, who nominated Mrs. Freeman for the honor said that even though Mrs. Freeman is blind, that does not prevent her from being kind and helpful. That is the main reason why she was nominated to be honored as a community hero. Keld also stated that the Returning Nationals Society and Friends of Nevis were very delighted to honor Mrs. Freeman for the sterling service she has given to the blind.

In addition to the certificate, the Returning National Society and Friends of Nevis also donated two hundred dollars ($200.00) to the Blind, Light and Partially Disabled Society.

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