Reuben Williams-Still Lively At 80

Hanley’s Road –Nevis- Not even the passage of Tropical Storm Isaac, could prevent Reuben Williams of Hanley’s Road, from enjoying his birthday in style.

The vivacious senior, who previously served as a Postman in the Gingerland area, was visited at his home on Thursday 13th September, the day of his 80th birthday, by a contingent from the Ministry of Social Development, led by Minister, Hon. Eric Evelyn. He was also surrounded by some of his family members and neighbours.

The brief ceremony was chaired by Miss Trudy Prentice, Coordinator of the Seniors’ Division, who warmly congratulated the celebrant on reaching the significant milestone.

Special prayers of blessings on the proceedings and later a special prayer for the celebrant, were done by Dr. Fr. Alson Percival.

Also giving brief remarks, was Deputy Director at the Department of Social Services, Miss Joyce Moven, who noted that Mr. Williams has always been a jovial and spritely individual and hard working. She wished him many more blessed years of life.

Hon. Eric Evelyn then presented the ‘birthday boy’ with a plaque and fruit basket, complements his Ministry and the City Drug Store. He stated that he was very impressed by the fact that Mr. Williams was one of the few men who was actively involved with the seniors’ groups and participate in a real way, in the programs coordinated by the group. He used the opportunity to implore more of the senior men on the island, to become a part of the various seniors’ groups.

He also noted that he was impressed with the garden that the celebrant is still maintaining in his yard, with a wide variety of fruits, vegetables and flowers on display. He opined that it is the hard work that he does that is keeping him looking so well.

Mr. Williams for his part, thanked God, his family, his neighbours and the Ministry of Social Development, for helping him to see another year and enjoy the significant birthday.

He stated that he eats the stuff that he plants and that keeps him vibrant and strong.

His daughter Florine, also beseeched persons with seniors to spend time with them and not to ‘put them one side’ as that would assist with their longevity.

The ceremony climaxed with the singing of the birthday song and the cutting of the magnificent cake, made by Miss Grace Elliot.

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