“RING DE BELL !!!” says PAM Leader

Basseterre, St.Kitts (PAM Communications Unit):- St.Kitts main Opposition Party Leader the Hon. Shawn K Richards is calling on St.Kitts-Nevis Prime Minister Dr Denzil Douglas to dissolve parliament and announce a date for election.

‘I am calling on Prime Minister Douglas to dissolve parliament and announce an election date since he is so confident,” said PAM Leader Richards in reference to the ruling Labour Party’s Full Confidence campaign which is in response to the over 120 day old No Confidence motion tabled by the Elected Majority in Parliament since early December 2012.

“If you are confident Mr Prime Minister please do the country and our citizens a favour and dissolve parliament……RING DE BELL !!,” Richards declared “The truth be told the Prime Minister is not confident at all. It is quite obvious that the mood of the country is one of NO CONFIDENCE in the Douglas led administration. If the Prime Minister had any confidence he would have dissolved parliament already but it is obvious he is trying to buy time to see what he can possibly do to change the mood of the country and the people . But the longer he takes the more he will be exposed as a leader who cares only about himself and has little concern for the country and our people,” said Richards.

In response to the annual Labour Day march and activities Richards had this to say, “The march was, as has been the norm over the last few years, full with big bands and pom pom girls with hundreds of onlookers. If the Prime Minister feels confident after the march then all the more reason for him to “RING DE BELL” . Just dissolve parliament and let the country move forward. That’s all the people want, “Richards concluded.

Hon. Richards and his People’s Action Movement team are in the middle of a series of public meetings and events which will see the main opposition party heading to Constituency #1 at Taylors Village with newly announced candidate Ian “Patches” Liburd on Thursday May 9th. Then Richards will host a meeting in his Constituency#5 on Sunday May 12th in Sandy Point.

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