Rodney Elliott gives back to the community

By:St. Clair Sazam Hull

(CHARLESTOWN NEVIS)-On Thursday, July 17, 2015, Rodney Elliott, owner of Rodney’s Catering Service held an event at her business establishment in an effort to show appreciation to the media houses in the Federation. The appreciation was in the form of a luncheon.

Mr. Carlisle Powell, former Junior Minister in the NRP Administration, gave the opening remarks. He noted that Ms. Elliott was one of the hardest working persons on the island of Nevis. He stated that during her operation at the canteen at the Charlestown Secondary School, Rodney assisted many children who found themselves in unfortunate situations and were not able to buy lunch. He continued, “I was made to understand that on numerous occasions, children were fed by Rodney without her asking for anything in return”.

Powell also indicated, that Ms. Elliott would have raised all of her four children as a single parent, and that alone was indicative of how hard she has toiled over the years.

Managing Director of TDC Nevis, Mr. Ernie France also gave some remarks. He noted that when Rodney alerted him about the event, he knew from the outset it was something he could not afford to miss. France told the gathering, that he has known Rodney for many years and she was one who always sought to give back to the community. He also indicated that he had been a frequent visitor at Rodney’s place and the service has always been one of excellence.

Junior Minister in the Nevis Island Administration, Hon. Troy Liburd, also spoke briefly. He noted that Rodney is his godmother, and he always look to her for advice when it is necessary. Mr. Liburd said that it did not matter what time of the day or night it was, he could pick up the phone and call Rodney for advice; and she would give it, often times with brutal honesty.

He also pointed out that he was a regular at her establishment, not solely because of the food but also because of the excellent service. In conclusion, Liburd said that it was always great when persons show their appreciation to others and in turn, society as a whole should also reciprocate.

Former Press Secretary to the NIA, Mr. Mervin Hanley, also gave some remarks.  Hanley said he was gratified by the invitation extended by Rodney, to share such a day at such a phenomenal place. He pointed out that Rodney has demonstrated that we can all give back to the society, it doesn’t matter how small it is. Hanley was also of the view that if we as a people aspire to do well and work hard, we can achieve anything we desire. In closing, he wished Rodney all the best in her business and beyond.

Organizer of the event, Ms. Rodney Elliott also spoke briefly. She told those gathered that she and the press have had their disagreements over the years, but despite of that, she still felt moved to show appreciation. She continued, “We have not always seen eye to eye because they have said things about me that I didn’t like, but at the end of the day, they are doing their job and I still look to them to them for information on what is going on”.

Rodney said that she always enjoy giving back to the society because the society is the one that has made her. In closing, she expressed her gratitude to God for having answered many of her prayers, and she unabashedly expressed her firm belief in him.

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