Charlestown-Nevis–As the long awaited results from the 2016 overseas examinations continue to filter through, news has been received of the super outstanding performance by Potworks Settlement and Gingerland Secondary School student, Rol’J Williams.

In an interview conducted just after midday today, Rol’J indicated that he received the good news that he had passed the 17 CXC subjects that he had attempted, with all grade one passes, sometime after 10 pm last evening-Tuesday 16th August and noted that his phone has been ringing almost endlessly ever since.

He actually got eleven A’s in the various assessments of the subjects and six B’s, with 17 grade ones overall.

The academically gifted 16 year old genius, got the best results on the island of Nevis for the primary School test of standards in 2011

He was also the youngest participant at age 13, as Youth ambassador at the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association/Caribbean Americas in the Atlantic region, held in Barbados in 2014

He followed this up by the following accomplishments:

  • 2014-Regional Tourism Youth congress winner in St.Thomas
  • 2015-Regional Youth Parliament in Tortola-best orator
  • 2015-Youth ambassador representative in Washington DC, for the federation of St.Kitts-Nevis and the entire OECS
  • 2016-Represented St.Kitts –Nevis and the entire OECS at the regional Youth contest in the Bahamas

When asked to list the 17 subjects, he quickly tried to memorize them in alphabetical order as follows:

Biology; Caribbean History; Chemistry; Economics; EDPM; English A; English B; Food and Nutrition; French; Geography; Human and Social Biology; Mathematics; Office Administration; Principles of Business; Principles of Accounts; Physics and Social Studies.

When quizzed about his method of studying, Rol’J amazingly revealed that he likes to sleep but does most of his studying ‘on the go.’

‘Take French for example, what I did was, I recorded myself and when I was travelling on the bus for instance, I would plug in my headphones and listen to what I had to learn,’ he stated.

This in itself is truly remarkable, because most 16 year olds would be listening to contemporary music, while hooked up to their headphones.

He also spoke of the importance of being comfortable with the chosen subjects and managing time wisely.

Surprisingly, one of his main hobbies is his love of national anthems. ‘I know eleven of them right now,’ he stated proudly.

What about the future?

Rol’J intends to spend the next two years at the Nevis Sixth form College. ‘I am not ready to leave my friends and family members as yet. I still want to spend some time at home,’ he stated.

Having completed sixth form, his big goal is to become a Neurosurgeon. Understandably, he would have watched the Ben Carson movie and read his book.

He was also quick to inform that Dr. Geoffrey Liburd who is in the same field, and who is a Nevisian, although he is based in Jamaica, is his cousin.

Rol’J promises to keep his feet on the ground and remain focused. He has a special word for other aspiring youngsters:

“You may not excel academically but whatever you are good at, set goals and make the effort to achieve them. Never give up,’ he said.

Rol’J Williams is the son of Rolston and Janice Williams of Potworks Settlement and he thanked them for their tremendous assistance towards his success.

‘Actually, they are the reason why am here,’ he said matter of factly.

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