Rosetta Claxton celebrates 80

By:Curtis Morton

Gingerland-Nevis—Surrounded by some of her children, grandchildren and friends, along with representatives from the Social Services Department, a beaming Miss Rosetta Claxton of Clay Ghaut in Gingerland, celebrated her 80th birthday, in style on Monday 5th October. It was noted however, that her actual birth date was the 3rd of October.

Among the children present for the grand occasion, were: Eneca Claxton; Myrthlyn Claxton and Laurel Claxton-Arthurton.

A brief presentation ceremony was held which was ably chaired by Care Giver for the area, Miss Maria Stapleton who warmly welcomed all present.

Prayer was offered by Ms Marjorie Walker and all present joined in singing the well known chorus: ‘Thanks, thanks.’

Deputy Director at the Social Services Department, Mrs. Kim Singh then made two presentations on behalf of the Ministry of Social Development and co partner in such efforts, the City Drug Store.

In presenting a plaque and a gift basket which was filled with a variety of fruits, Mrs. Singh congratulated the celebrant on her many years of dedicated service, especially in the food service industry. She told her that she had heard that she still makes blood puddings at her age but advised her to feast on the fruits that were given to her for her birthday.

The children also made special presentations to their Mom. Eneca noted that although she had been ill, she made the special effort to journey from the USA to ensure that she was there for the special moment.

Myrthlyn and Laurel also made special presentations.

Miss Claxton’s response was short and to the point: ‘Thank you Lord,’ she said, as she raised her hands heavenward.

Everyone then joined in with the singing of the birthday song and after the closing prayer, they all joined in singing ‘This little light of mine.’

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