Charlestown-Nevis—She was heralded as a well rounded community minded individual. One whose life was dedicated to assist human kind in every way, shape or form.

Such were the sterling tributes paid to the late Rovita Ianthy Butler, as her home going service was held during the morning of Saturday 2nd July.

The former Education stalwart, passed away on Friday 17th June 2016, at the age of 91.

Hon. Joseph Parry in his tribute spoke in glowing terms of his former teacher and the Bath Village Community group highlighted several aspects of her life but featured Rovita Butler the woman who pioneered in poultry farming.

The Esdaille family also paid tribute and the Mental Health Association members made their presence felt, because of her outstanding work with that association and the persons in their care.

The Taylor Memorial choir paid an outstanding tribute in song, worthy of their former leader, director and musician par excellence. Miss Butler also taught music to many persons within the community, as she taught them to play the piano.

Pastor Salome James also had the distinct privilege to eulogize the great woman and delved into the multi faceted life that she lived with much distinction.

The fact that she upheld christain values and taught all and sundry to follow suit, was another feature of her life.

Among her many relatives and friends left to mourn her loss, are her distinguished cousins, Sir Kennedy Alphonse Simmonds and Dr. Henry Browne.

Her body was interred at the Bath cemetery.

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