Michael WISE Herbert, chief organizer of the Village Premier League (VPL), which this year will be named in honour of former West Indies star batsman, Runako Morton, indicated on Sunday 12th February, that the league is all set to commence on Sunday 19th February.

Matches will be played only on Sundays, with two matches each week, commencing at 1.00 pm.

According to Herbert, the registration fee is only $20.00 per team and teams should be registered by Tuesday 14th February.

The tournament which is set to run for 10 weeks, will see the winning team receiving a whopping $1,000.00 and the second placed team, receiving $500.00

Other incentives include: Player making first century-$200.00

Bowler getting 8 wickets in a match-$200.00

Batsman scoring 10 fours in a match-$50.00

Batsman hitting 8 sixes in a match-$50.00

Spectator catching a ball-$20.00 plus a medal

Batsman with the most runs

Bowler with the most wickets

MVP of the tournament

Fielder with the most catches

Herbert noted that there has been quite a bit of work conducted at the Hard Times playing field and hopefully within the next four to six weeks, he expects that the area will be properly lit to accommodate night cricket.

Two warm up matches were played at the grounds on Sunday 12th February and attracted quite a crowd.

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