Saluting Ajamu King, 2013 Remarkable Teen for Community Service and Courage to Overcome

BASSETERRE, ST. KITTS, SEPTEMBER 11TH 2014 (CUOPM) – Ajamu King is an active member of the Wesley Methodist Church and a member of the Boys Brigade, At his citation, he attended the Immaculate Catholic Conception School and is fascinated with technology. It is an area in which he hopes to pursue a career
When Ajamu was 14, he spent his summer vacation in England and during this period was informed that his cousin had tragically passed away. He recalled that his grief was strong during this period because of the suddenness and intensity of the loss. As he assessed how he was feeling, he shared some of these emotions with his mother.

“My mom decided to take me to a Psychologist because she felt I was significantly affected by my cousin’s passing,” he said. With the support of his family, friends and therapist, Ajamu attended a church camp and said that it helped him to improve his mood. As faith would have it, at this camp Ajamu received the Best Squad Leader award. He remembers being motivated to continue to give his all in every area of life. As Ajamu overcame his grief he made a decision to focus on helping others. He recognized that volunteering not only helped those in his community but also gives him a sense of purpose.

Now Ajamu is always volunteering. He is described as a faithful servant who is always willing to serve and assist despite whatever challenges he might face. Ajamu volunteers for his church’s internet radio station and also with its technical work. He also volunteers for bazaars and anything that his school may need.

Graphic Designing is also an avenue that Ajamu utilizes his creativity and talents in. He enjoys designing tickets, flyers and brochures.

Ajamu King was a 17 year-old Grade 11 student of the Immaculate Conception Catholic School, and received the Remarkable Teen Award in the categories of Community Service and Courage to Overcome.

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