By:Curtis Morton

Charlestown-Nevis-“After all, we are one Federation and last year we decided that in our giving, Nevis has to be included and this year we have included more food packages for Nevis.”

Those were the words of Major Roxroy Campbell of the Salvation Army, based in St.Kitts. He was at the time addressing a small gathering which consisted of Social workers and a contingent from the Salvation Army who came over to Nevis, via bus, carrying gifts of food baskets for persons in need.

The significant day was Thursday 29th December and the Salvation Army contingent arrived on Nevis, via the Sea Bridge.

Coordinator of the Seniors’ Division, Mrs. Garcia Hendrickson, was elated as she expressed gratitude to Major Campbell and his team, for their profound expression of love. She advised persons within the community, to next time they see the donation tins bearing the markings of the Salvation Army, that they should make their donations because the funds are used to finance such efforts as this one.

One of the members of the visiting team noted that the food baskets comprised of basic food and other necessities such as rice, macaroni; matches; Kool aid; biscuits; sugar; flour; cornmeal; milk; cooking oil; corn beef and toilet paper.

And she also pointed out that Digicel had made a significant contribution of some bags and one of the visiting cruise ships had donated some cups, which were also delivered along with the food items.

After an initial assembling, to work out a plan of action, the full team then journeyed to various communities throughout the island to personally deliver the food baskets to the very grateful and beaming individuals.

Major Campbell stated that some 160 food basket were previously delivered on St.Kitts and some 39 were delivered on Nevis.

He hoped that next time around they would be able to assist even more persons but was quick to point out that the Salvation Army not only assists at Christmas time but will assist at any time of the year, when there is a need, be it a disaster or an individual who is in dire need of some form of assistance.

He thanked God ‘from whom all blessings flow,’ for giving his organization the foresight to embark on such projects and thanked the many donors and individuals who assisted in one form or another to aid persons in need.

The full team on the day comprised of: Mrs. Garcia Hendrickson; Major Roxroy Campbell; Major Marjorie Campbell; Josephine Matthew; Paulette Tyson; Amos Locker; Shakim Forbes; Angela Challenger and Juliette Daniel, the latter two, both Community Care Givers.

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