Sandy Point Benevolent Society (SPBS) continues to give


The Sandy Point Benevolent Society (SPBS), the US based alumni association of the Sandy Point

High School/ now the Charles E. Mills Secondary School( C.E.M.S.S), has continue its committed

and unswerving support of educational institutions not just in Sandy Point but also in

neighboring communities. The most recent beneficiaries were the Charles E. Mills Secondary

School and the St. Paul’s Primary School. Within the last school term, SPBS presented C.E.M.S.S

with a high quality Public Announcement system and St. Paul’s Primary with a Dell Desktop

computer. These presentations were made in separate ceremonies at the respective schools.

The first ceremony at the Charles E. Mills Secondary School saw all present extending verbal

accolades to the Sandy Point Benevolent Society for its generosity and commitment to

education. In a small but very meaningful ceremony, Mr. Dug gins who represented the SPBS

organization handed over to elaborate, complex PA system to the very appreciative principal, Mrs. Carla

Diamond, who graciously accepted the Powered speakers, corded and cordless mikes, Mixer and amplifier.

In her response, Mrs. Carla Diamond had high praise for the SPBS and conveyed words of appreciation for

this latest gesture of upgrading an old and almost obsolete system. She quickly reminded the small

gathering and press of the many “gifts and educational tools” that the school benefitted from

such a distinguished organization. Such, she said, included a Smart Board, Computer and

printer, Books, and several Scholarships.

The second handing over ceremony was held at the St. Paul’s Primary School Auditorium where

the school’s Reading Centre resources were enhanced by a Dell Desktop Computer. The

computer that was donated was sourced through Mr. William Hodge, current Vice President of

the SPBS and past principal of both the St. Paul’s Primary School and the Sandy Point High


Mr. John Gumbs, principal of St. Paul’s Primary School in delivering brief remarks outlined the

importance of the use of technology in education today, and the ways in which the computer

would be utilized to support students’ increased literary competence. The St. Paul’s Primary

School principal disclosed that the Individualized Reading Recovery (I.R.R) programme is an

initiative (of the Ministry of Education) which identifies struggling readers at the grade one

level. These students are then tutored by a trained specialist on a one to one basis and the

computer will allow the teacher and student to visit learning sites that will further stimulate the

student’s interest.

The school’s gratitude was communicated in several ways. Brief remarks of commendation were expressed

by the school’s Education Officer, Mr. Daryl Lloyd, who also chaired the proceedings. Some of the students who

will benefit directly from the computer made a very  touching oral presentation.  Mr. Gumbs used the

opportunity to extend sincerest appreciation to Mr. Stephen Duggins, the representative of S.P.B.S. As a

show of the school’s appreciation, Mr. Gumbs then presented Mr. Duggins a plaque cementing the school’s

partnership with SPBS.

In both ceremonies, SPBS representative, Mr. Stephen Duggins focused his brief remarks on

SPBS’s motto- “Empowering youths through education” and He underscored not only the

commitment of SPBS as demonstrated through the financial values of its various gifts but also

the need to care for the pieces of equipment provided. He also highlighted the various tangible

contributions made to similar institutions in St. Kitts, the membership and the future plans of

scholarships to tertiary learning Institutions across the world.

The Sandy Point Benevolent Society has, in the past, made significant contributions to learning

institutions such as Charles E. Mills Secondary School, Sandy Point Primary School, Newton

Ground Primary School and St. Paul’s Primary School.



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