Sashia Godet graduates

(Canada, June 30, 2014)- Sashia Godet, a Nevisian and a past state scholar in the Federation of St. Kitts and Nevis graduated last week with honours and received the Economics Achievement Award that is awarded to the top students graduating with an Economics degree at the University of waterloo, Canada.

“ It is a very liberating and humbling experience to know that all of my hard work has paid off. I am elated to have reached this milestone in my life,” Godet said in an email interview.

Godet has been an outstanding student in primary, secondary and college life. She was Valedictorian at the Maude Crosse Preparatory School – Class of 2002 (formerly Charlestown Preparatory School) .

She was Valedictorian at Charlestown Secondary School (Class of 2007) – Top CXC results in the Federation 12 subject passes with 11 distinctions. Godet was Valedictorian Nevis Sixth Form College (Class of 2009) and State Scholar – Top CAPE results in the Federation (10 units passes with 5 distinctions)

At the University of Waterloo, she majored in Economics and Arts & Business and Minor in Political Science. Also as part of her degree she was enrolled in a Cooperative Program where she alternated semesters between school and work. “With this program I was able to gain 20 months of work experience at various major companies such Scotiabank, CIBC and Samsung Electronics.” She said.

How did she find college life? “It is a unique experience one which I enjoyed and learned a lot from. I met many people from different parts of the world, joined lots of clubs and learned the importance of having a balance between school and recreation.”

Godet did not stop being involved in community service. She volunteered as a mentor to foreign exchange students that are new to the Canada and to the University of Waterloo. “I help them transition to life in a new country by teaching them conversational English and offering academic advice and support,” she noted.

Asked who mentored her through her life, she said many individuals have offered guidance and support over the years..” Many of the them are professors at the University of Waterloo as well as past teachers at the Nevis Sixth Form College and Charlestown Secondary School. I would like to express my sincerest gratitude to them all”

She talked highly of her mother and relatives.” My mother and the rest of family have been very much involved in my educational career. They have taken a genuine interest in the courses I have studied and have always offered words of encouragement, emotional and financial support to me throughout”

Her advice to young people is”Have a passion for what you  study, when you do you are more likely to give 110%. Never be afraid to ask questions, it is a very crucial part to your learning process and development.”

Her immediate plans is to work for a year or two before returning to school to pursue a Masters Degree. She values the education she received from Nevis, “ Education on Nevis definitely gives students a good base for university education. The education and quality of teaching I received in Nevis prepared me both academically and mentally to deal with the demands of a university.”

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