Seaborne Gets Impressive Welcome To St. Kitts

BASSETERRE (28th January, 2014): Tourism stakeholders officially welcomed Seaborne Airlines to St. Kitts with steel pan music, exciting masqueraders and a vivid water salute last week at the RLB International Airport.

The Seaborne Aircraft was welcomed with an official water salute and passengers were welcomed as they disembarked the airplane, to the rhythm of the flute and the drum of Masqueraders.

With pride and pleasure Minister of Tourism and International Transport, Senator Ricky Skerritt, toasted the arrival of Seaborne Airlines to the Federation.

“Since coming to office in 2004, and especially since the closure of the sugar industry in 2005, airlift was identified by our Government as an essential area for infrastructural development in order to fuel our tourism growth and our overall global connectivity,” Minister Skerritt said. “Over the past nine years our Ministry and the Tourism Authority, and airline partners, have engaged in planning and implementing a systematic build out of air bridges to key international airport hubs in North America and Europe. This has resulted in significant air service increases, of which Seaborne is the latest.”

Seaborne’s Director of Business Development Michael Ritzi thanked Minister Skerritt for his contribution in bringing the airline to the Federation.

“Seaborne is here because of Minister Ricky Skerritt,” Ritzi said. “When I first started attending tourism conferences, the first thing people told me to do was to seek out Ricky, because they told me he is the person who can help me and give me guidance. I can tell you one thing, he has done exactly that.”

Ritzi said Seaborne seeks to be a part of the tremendous growth that is taking place in the tourism industry of St. Kitts, and contribute to its further development.

“We see additional airlines coming to St. Kitts and they are not leaving. They are successful because people want to come to St. Kitts.” Ritzi said. “We are a business and we want part of that pie.”

Chief Executive officer of the St. Kitts Tourism Authority, Racquel Brown, said that the Tourism Authority will endeavor to explore and partner on marketing projects with Seaborne Airlines.

“We certainly welcome Seaborne Airlines’ commitment to investing in and developing intra-regional travel in the Caribbean,” Brown said. “Particularly when islands are now working so hard to attract the interest of Caribbean people to visit their neighbors.”

Seaborne operates daily service between San Juan and St. Kitts, with continuing service to Nevis. The flight departs San Juan at 3:25 PM, arriving in St. Kitts at 4:50 PM, departing St. Kitts for Nevis at 5:10 PM, arriving Nevis at 5:30 PM. Seaborne departs Nevis the following morning at 7 AM, arriving St. Kitts at 7:20 AM, departing St. Kitts at 7:50 AM and arriving San Juan at 9 AM.

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