Second Annual Skipping Festival Upcoming

By:Curtis Morton
Coach at the St. Thomas’ Primary school, Eddie Caines-Richards, indicated on Wednesday that the second annual Skipping festival will take place towards the end of this month.
The festival which was hosted by the school for the first time last year, will take place on Friday 25th of November starting at 1pm at the school grounds.
According to Caines-Richards, the other participating schools will be: Ivor Walters’ Primary; Charlestown Primary; St. James’ Primary; VOJN Primary; Jocelyn Liburd Primary and Elizabeth Pemberton Primary.
As was the case last year, the festival will be sponsored by Premier of Nevis, Hon. Vance Amory.
Caines –Richards indicated that the trophies have already been purchased and will be handed to the most outstanding skippers on the day as follows:
The most outstanding school; the boy who skips the longest and the girl who skips the longest.
Last year’s longest skipping girl skipped for over three minutes and hailed from the Ivor Walters’ Primary school and the boy who skipped the longest, hailed from the Elizabeth Pemberton Primary school and he skipped for just over four minutes.
There is also an additional treat to look forward to, as Headmistress Norlene Smithen is scheduled to do an exhibition skipping session.
The general public is cordially invited to the exciting event.

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