Second Health Expo-An Opportunity for Citizens and Residents to Know Their Health Status–Free Of Cost

By:Curtis Morton

Chief Coordinator of a major upcoming event, Sister Mignon Wade, of the Seventh day Adventist church on Nevis, is absolutely elated and truly excited as she looks forward to the event.
It will be the second time that her hard working committee of volunteers, will be hosting what has been dubbed the ‘Nevis Health Expo.’

The inaugural event was hosted at the Charlestown Secondary school in December of 2015 and proved to be very successful, with over one hundred persons, being involved in getting to know their health status.
Based on the results from that first outing, many persons received the good news that they were doing okay health-wise and received free advice and guidelines, as to how they could continue to maintain a high level of health. However, others received the not so good news of deteriorating aspects of their health and were referred for treatment at the Alexandra Hospital or to the relevant Doctors and Eye Specialists, or even the Dental unit, in some cases, for follow up action.

This year, the event has been moved to the country-side and according to Sister Wade, it is all about sharing the information throughout the island, even though persons from all over the island are welcomed to attend.
It will be held on Thursday April 13th at the Gingerland Secondary School, during the period 12.00 noon until 5.30 pm.

Interested persons will be cordially welcomed, once they enter the school on that date and will be officially registered and given a health card. Those persons will then proceed to the various booths where they will be accommodated, based on the specific service provided at the booth.
These include:
• Anti-stress chair massage
• Body fat analysis-BMI
• Blood pressure, Glucose and Cholesterol checks
• Fitness test
• Respiratory Analysis
• Dental care
• Hydrotherapy demonstration
• Computer health age and health counselling
• Prayer booth
• Vision checks
• God’s medical kitchen (featuring local health remedies)
• Food samples
In general, the focus will be on ensuring that all who attend, seek to live a healthy lifestyle; get adequate sleep and rest; are properly nourished; exercise often; have a positive mindset and take care of the body that God has placed in their care.

Sister Rohbena Wilkinson who is a Dental professional was quick to point out that the dental booth will provide checks for decay, need for cleaning and possible cancer but that no corrective measures will be taken on site. However, such individuals will receive advice and be referred for follow action.
Both ladies are emphasizing the point, that the entire event is absolutely FREE and are encouraging all citizens and residents alike, to make use of this unique and wonderful opportunity to know their health status as they seek to ensure a healthier and more meaningful lifestyle.

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