By:Curtis Morton

Gingerland –Nevis-He was his usual articulate self, as he responded to the kind words of congratulations on achieving his 90th birthday.

Selwyn Arnold Hobson was the star figure on Saturday 19th November, as he celebrated the significant milestone.

Family members and friends had united in ensuring that his important day, was indeed one to be remembered for a long time.

There were two activities held in his honour on that day. It all started with a service of thanksgiving which was held at the Gingerland Methodist church with Rev. M. Williams as the officiating Minister.

The service was chaired by Miss Philicia Walters and featured hymns of praise; scripture readings; a poem by Brianna Farrell; a solo by Ms. Verda James; prayers and an instrumental on harmonica by Charles Sutton.

Two other features of the church service were an original song by the husband and wife team of Vaden and Thelma Mills, which was truly well received and the Reflection by Ms. Venetta Hobson-Moving, which featured the life of the celebrant and his involvement with church and community.

It was noted that he still remains very active at 90. He still drives his own car and went walking with his dog that very morning.

Rev. Williams also shared words of encouragement for all present.

Phase two of the activities for the day, took place at the OCCASIONS, where hosts Devon Liburd and Paul Hobson, ably directed the proceedings in a lighter mode of celebration.

The main feature was a presentation of a plaque and fruit basket by Coordinator of the Seniors’ division, Mrs. Garcia Hendrickson, who pointed out that she may very well need to see Mr. Hobson’s birth certificate, as he certainly did not look nor act, 90.

She stated that the presentation was made on behalf of the Ministry of Social Development and the City drug store.

There was also a poem which was presented by Isabel Byron but composed by Alexis Hobson and another poem which was composed by Hyacinth, Gwen, Ruth, and Cicely.

Mr. Hobson later got the opportunity to respond and very eloquently spoke of his JOURNEY from his childhood days of taking care of animals, riding a donkey; his educational pursuits; his migration to England and his eventual retirement and return to Nevis.

He thanked everyone present for making his day such a memorable one.

Later, persons present were able to speak during an open mike period and all saluted the celebrant. Included in those wishing Mr. Hobson well, was Premier of Nevis, Hon. Vance Amory.

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