Semi Finalists Determined In Primary School Football League

By:Curtis Morton

A sizeable crowd showed up at the ET Willett Park on Friday 3rd November, to witness round three in the exciting Primary schools’ Football championship.

For some schools, it was a ‘do or die’ situation.

Defending champions Ivor Walters Primary was in such a dilemma. They had to win, or they would not be in the semifinals.

They came out with a vengeance and slammed Maude Cross Prep, 7 goals to nil.

Joycelyn Liburd Primary was not so fortunate. In their must win match up versus the Elizabeth Pemberton Primary School who had already qualified for the semis, they lost by a margin of 1 goal to nil, even though they played their hearts out.

In the other match played, St. Thomas’ Primary overpowered VOJN 2 goals to nil

Summary of matches


Zone A

Ivor Walters 7 vs 0 Maude Crosse Preparatory

Scoring for Ivor Walters

Leon Thompson (3rd min)

Jahmal Lewis (7th ,12th,19th & 20th  min)

Chris Browne (15th min)

Jaheem Hazel (24th min)

Elizabeth Pemberton 1 vs 0 Joycelyn Liburd

Scoring for Elizabeth Pemberton

Romario Morgan ( 19th min)

Zone B

St. Thomas Primary 2 vs 0 Violet O. Jeffers Nicholls

Scoring for St. Thomas

Dwjay Dore (13th min)

Kayden Leader (23rd min)

*Zone A  – Winner ……..Elizabeth Pemberton (semi-finals)

Runner- up…….Ivor walters (semi-finals)

Zne B-*Charlestown Primary and  St. Thomas Primary advances to semi-finals

*The final Zone B match Charlestown Primary vs Nevis Academy will be played on

Tuesday 7th November 1:30 pm at the ETW Park.

Point Standings

Zone A

Elizabeth Pemberton 3 matches 9 points

Ivor Walters 3 matches 6 points

Joycelyn Liburd 3 matches 3 points

Maude Cross Prep 3 matches 0 points

Zone B

St. Thomas Primary 3 matches 7 points

Charlestown Primary 2 matches 4 points

Violet O. Jeffers Nicholls 3 matches 3 points

Nevis Academy 3 matches 0 points

Top goal scorers

Jahmal Lewis –IWPS 5 goals

Romario Morgan EPPS 4 goals

Prince Daniel CPS 2 goals

Jaheem Hazel IWPS 2 goals

T’Najae Lawrence 2 goals

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