Semi Finalists Determined In Primary Schools’ Football Tournament

The scores are in and the official draw has been made for the semifinal spots in the ongoing Education and Sports Departments Primary Schools’ Football tournament.

On Friday, November 15, the final round of preliminary matches were played, with a few teams still having an outside chance of getting into the final four.  In an absolutely critical game for the Joycelyn Liburd Primary School, they lost out in their bid for the top four draw, when they were defeated by the Ivor Walters Primary School, by a margin of 2 goals to nil.

The dynamic Leon Thompson Jr was the player of the match, with his two stunning goals, then somersaulting in characteristic celebration.

On the other side of the field, the St. Thomas’ Primary school, cemented their claim, by totally dominating the Nevis Academy, with a margin of 6 goals to nil.

The goal scorers:
Gemar Rawlins 3; Adrian Williams 2 and J’tari Griffin 1.

Chief coordinator of the tournament, FIFA International Referee, Kimbel Warde, has confirmed the overall point standings as follows:

1. Charlestown Primary-7 games; 26 goals for; 6 goals against; 0 losses; 1 draw; 19 points
2. Ivor Walters Primary 7 games; 22 goals for; 4 goals against; 5 wins; 1 loss; 1 draw; 16 points
3. St. Thomas’ Primary 7 games; 21 goals for; 4 goals against; 5 wins; 2 losses; 15 points
4. Elizabeth Pemberton Primary 7 games; 10 goals for; 5 goals against; 3 wins; 1 loss; 3 draws; 12 points
5. Joycelyn Liburd Primary 7 games; 20 goals for; 11 goals against; 3 wins; 3 losses; 1 draw; 10 points
6. VOJN Primary 7 games; 5 goals for; 22 goals against; 2 wins; 5 losses; 6 points
7. Nevis Academy 7 games; 4 goals for; 25 goals against; 1 win; 6 losses; 3 points
8. Maude Cross Preparatory 7 games; 0 goals for; 24 goals against; 0 wins; 7 losses; 0 points

The top goal scorers so far:
1. Joric Daniel (JLPS) …………12
2. Adrian Williams (STPS)………11
3. Leon Thompson JR (IWPS)…….10
4. Andrew Hanley (CPS)………8
5. Gemar Rawlins (STPS)…….7
6. Jaheem Hazel (IWPS)………6

The grand semifinal encounters, slated for Friday, November 22, at the ET Willet Park, are scheduled as follows:
1.30 pm – Charlestown Primary versus Elizabeth Pemberton Primary – The question is: Will we get another epic battle, similar to the one from last week, between the two teams?
2.30 pm – Defending champions St. Thomas’ Primary versus the Ivor Walters Primary, in what is expected to be a ring-dinger.

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