Semi Finals Spots Sealed In Tape Ball League

The four top spots in the ongoing Sports Department/Development Bank Tape Ball Cricket league were finalized on the evening of Wednesday 30th October.

On that evening the final preliminary game was scheduled between Highlights and Calypso. If the match was played, it would have opened the door to a lot of possibilities.

However, the door was immediately closed, as the Highlights team failed to show and the Calypso team catapulted to 9 points, complements of three free points.

The four top teams:
Rawlins 18 points
All stars 15 points
GT United 9 points
Calypso 9 points

The semifinal matches are now set for Saturday 2nd November as follows:
5.30 pm – Rawlins v Calypso
7 pm – All-stars v GT United

The finals will be played on Sunday, November 3rd, with a playoff for 3rd spot between the losers from the previous evening and the grand finale between the two winning teams from the semifinals.

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