Seniors Hold First Meeting for the Year

Butler’s –St. James’ Parish- Nigh one hundred senior citizens gathered at the Community Center in Butler’s on Wednesday 16th January.
The main purpose was their first official meeting for the year 2019.
The meeting was ably chaired by Coordinator of the Seniors’ division, Miss Trudy Prentice and the preliminary items included prayer; scripture reading and a round of well-known choruses.
The main feature of the day, was a riveting presentation, by Miss Christine Smith, the dynamic lady behind the NUFF TINGS BOYS’ CLUB, which is based in Fountain.
She delivered her version of the biblical story of Nicodemus in a lively and down to earth manner and then engaged the seniors in the singing of some choruses as well.
The day’s proceedings concluded with the seniors sharing ideas as to specific programs that they would love to be engaged in for the year.
These included such proposals as visits to schools; a concert; a bible quiz and even a cruise, with one individual hoping that the Government would sponsor the venture.
The seniors on Nevis continue to be very actively involved in some innovative programs, complements of the Nevis Island Administration

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