By:Curtis Morton

The second annual seniors’ fun and sports day, is scheduled to take place at the ET Willett Park on Thursday 27th October, commencing at 12.30 pm.

The seniors are already preparing in earnest for the big day and on Wednesday 12th October, they were part of a major practice and training session at the ETW.

Under the guidance of a number of Coaches from the Youth and Sports Department, the seniors warmed up with stretching exercises and then went into some of the activities that will feature on the big day, such as throwing the tennis ball; throwing the ball backwards and obstacle race.

According to Seniors’ Coordinator, Garcia Hendrickson, there will also be short flat races; tug of war; racing with a bucket of water on the head and many more innovative events.

She also took time out to thank the coaches at the Youth and Sports Department for their timely assistance.

She is inviting the general public to come out in their numbers to witness the event on Thursday 27th October.

She is also making an appeal to the older men within the community to come on out to the practice sessions, so that they too can be a part of the big event on the 27th of October.

The next practice sessions are scheduled for the ET Willett Park on Thursday 20th and Monday 24th October, starting at 10 am on both days.

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