Shantez Mintos’ case ends in hung jury…again

By Monique Washington

The trail involving Shantez Mintos who was charged with gun and ammunition possession ended today, Tuesday, April 11, 2017, with a hung jury.

Mintos’ case which was heard for the second time began on April 5, 2017. The Director of Public Prosecution brought forward six (6) witnesses. Tianna Liburd, Sidonie Maynard, Officer Cuthbert England, Officer Antiono Browne , Sergeant Daniel, ballistic expert and Sergeant James Stephen, custodian of the police armory.

The case concluded on Monday, April 10, 2017, with both the Director of Public Prosecution Valston Graham and Defense attorney Chesley Hamilton giving closing arguments.  On Tuesday her Ladyship Justice Lorraine Williams gave her summing up of the case and explained the law to the jurors.

After two hours of deliberation the 12 member jury which comprised of five(5) men and seven (7) women returned with a seven (7) guilty five (5) not guilty verdict on the charge of gun possession and a six (6) guilty six (6) not guilty on the possession of ammunition. The jury however asked the judge for more time and asked for the law to be explained again.

After an hour and a half the jury returned with a seven (7) guilty, five (5) not guilty verdict on both counts.

Justice Williams declared a mistrial and said the case will be retried in the November criminal assizes. She told Mintos that he will continue on the terms of his bail.

Court has been adjourned until April 24, 2017 when the case of Delano Browne who was charged with attempted robbery will be heard for a second time.


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