Shekinah Dance Theater Thrill Audience

By:Curtis Morton

Charlestown-Nevis-The Shekinah Dance Theater, thrilled audiences on two consecutive nights, in its annual concerts, featuring its dynamic dancers.

The concerts were held at the Nevis Performing Arts Center (NEPAC), with the first concert held on Friday 7th July, and the second being on Saturday 8th July 2017.

Both concerts saw the Michael Sutton auditorium, virtually filled to capacity.

The concerts featured the dancers in various age categories, from the tiny tots, to the more seasoned campaigners, who all served to excite the crowd with their thrilling performances and were received with warm applause.

The concert also featured singing and a beautiful dramatization of a man who went through a crisis in his life and lost everything, but having put his trust in God, he was restored to a better life.

This was also received with warm applause.

The dances climaxed with the two leaders of the group, Tamicia Lestrade and Dianna Pemberton, strutting their stuff as the featured acts in the concluding dances.

The crowd thoroughly enjoyed the performances.

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