Sheldon ’Freddie’ David donates to Pink Lily

By:Curtis Morton

Charlestown-Nevis- His regular job with the St. Christopher and Nevis  Social Security Board occupies him from 8.15 am until 4pm, for a regular day’s work, but Sheldon David aka FREDDIE COUGAR, has still found time to invest in a bus service which transports passengers from the Hanley’s Road area to Charlestown and back.

How does he do it? He explained that he starts his weekday runs from 6 am from Hanley’s Road to Charlestown and completes at least three trips, before he shows up to work a Social Security for his 8.15 appointment.

After his scheduled work day is done, he picks up the action from about 4.30 pm and helps to get his passengers safely back to Gingerland.

However, it is not all about making money. The budding entrepreneur also has a heart—a big HEART.

Last week, from Monday 1st to Friday 5th February, he made a personal pledge that whatever money was made as a result of his bus service, he would donate 20% to the Pink Lily Cancer Care Association. He did not stop there however.

On Monday 8th February, Sheldon David officially handed over $500.00 EC to founder and CEO of the Pink Lily Cancer Care Association, Mrs. Lea Parris.

Not only had he donated the 20% made from his bus service but he had matched the amount with an equal amount from his pocket. A round sum total of $500.00 EC.

David explained that the idea of the Pink Lily donation, came about through a weird series of events: He had decided to paint the wheel drums of the  bus, affectionately referred to as FREDDIE’S, red in colour but not having any red paint, he mixed a dark red paint with white and the result was a pink colour. Instantly the thought of donating to Pink Lily, came to his mind.

In accepting the donation, Mrs. Parris commended David on the fine gesture and wished him and his business much success in the future.

She encouraged persons to continue to patronize his bus service and encouraged other would be donors to follow suit, as her long serving organization approaches yet another anniversary.

David is not stopping there either. His next big venture is to donate a percentage from his earnings in another similar promotion (to be announced), towards the cause of Cancer victim, little Madakai Nisbett.

By the way, he also got his nickname through some unusual circumstances.

He laughingly related the tale: “I used to have some long finger nails when I was going to school and there was a main character in a popular movie of the day who had similar long nails. His name was Freddie Cougar. They started to call me that,” he said.

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