Shermon Caines Aiming To Make a Difference

By: Curtis Morton

Local athletic coach, Shermon Caines is intent on making a difference for the young athletes of Nevis. He has recently taken up a new position within the Department of sports with the focus being on the Athletics program, with specific concentration on the Primary and Secondary School students.

Caines noted that there has always been a huge gap between the Primary School athletics program and what goes on in the Secondary Schools.

‘Normally you will identify some outstanding athletes in the Primary Schools and then when they get into the Secondary Schools, they fade away. My role is to maintain some continuity so that the athletes maintain a similar standard when they make the transition.

Caines has already commenced a training program for Primary and Secondary school athletes at the ET Willet Park and is inviting parents to ensure that their athletically inclined children become part of the program.

He dispelled the myth that being involved in Athletics will hamper the academic pursuits of the children.
‘As a matter of fact, when children are involved in Athletics and sports in general, they become sharper, more focused, more disciplined and will do better in their academics,’ he said.

He also pointed out that his newly initiated program will in no way hamper the programs already in place by the three athletic clubs on Nevis and noted that Coaches from the various clubs are assisting him with his program.

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