Sherzando School of Music Closes Year with Mini Recital

Charlestown-Nevis-It was coded as a ‘little thing’ and the small audience consisted of mainly parents and siblings of the performers on the show, but at the end, everyone present agreed that it was a tremendous concert.

It was Wednesday, December 29th, 2021 and the Sherzando School of Music, operated by Rohan and Mauricia Claxton, held a mini recital, at the premises of the Charlestown Methodist Church.

Performances featured the students at the school as follows:

Descant Soprano Recorder duet-Kianna David and K’mari Wilkinson

Violin solo-Vanessa Simon (2 items)

Violin solo-Arianna Daniel

Violin solo-Augerae Browne

Descant Soprano Recorder-Cleston Bartlette

Violin solo-Cherril Thompson-Barrett

Violin solo-Kahmali France (2 items)

Violin solo-Nashanti Perkins

Descant Soprano Recorder-Kianna David

Descant Soprano Recorder-K’mari Wilkinson

Music director, Rohan Claxton, in thanking everyone for making the morning such a pleasurable experience, noted that it was all about promoting music as an art form and stated that despite the covid restrictions, the student were keen to learn their various instruments and will continue to grow and develop.

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