Shining the Blue Light – Primary Schools Graduation

BASSETERRE, St. Kitts & Nevis (July 22nd, 2016) – The month of July is a time when many of our youngsters will experience the joy of matriculation, as they advance from Primary to Secondary school. It is in this light that FLOW wishes to shine its Blue Light on the Primary School Graduating Class of 2016.

For the third consecutive year, the Federation’s only full-service telecommunications provider has rewarded each graduating student for his/her academic achievement in the form of a FLOW education gift pack, which includes FLOW branded exercise books, a gift certificate for a special discount on an Android Smartphone, a voucher from Sun Island Clothes for 7% off all school uniforms and a voucher from Laws Bookstore for 2.5% off all text-books purchased for the upcoming school year.

Of this initiative FLOW General Manager, Mr. David Lake stated, “We at FLOW just wish to applaud and commend all of the Primary School Graduating students for their dedication and hard-work. You have all done yourselves, your teachers and your parents proud and we want to celebrate with you”.

When asked why the gift of a Smartphone, Mr. Lake said, “This is not just a Smartphone; it’s a Smart-device. It’s a tool that we hope each student will utilize to not just communicate, but expand his/her horizons. With this Android handset plus any of our affordable data plans, these soon to be secondary school students will have access to online resources that could aid them tremendously in their academic pursuits.”

FLOW wishes to acknowledge and thank Laws Bookstore and Sun Island Clothes for being a part of this initiative by providing discounts that would aid in defraying back to school costs for parents.

To all the graduating students in the Federation, this Blue Light recognition is for you. FLOW commends you all on your academic performance at all levels, but feel especially compelled to support the primary school students who are stepping up on a higher rung of the education ladder. It is our intention to continue to support the hard working students as well as their parents who make sacrifices to ensure that their children take full advantage of opportunities for higher education in our Federation.
Congratulations to you all!

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