Siblings keep winning with Pick 4

Photo:Blair Thompson
Basseterre, St. Kitts – May 21, 2020: Brothers Blair Thompson and John Webbe of Nevis continue their Pick 4 winning streak, with wins of $9,332 and $8,332 respectively.

Both players have had previous success with big wins as recent as January, February and March, collectively totaling $36,664.

John Webbe

Mr. Thompson bought his tickets at D’s Chill Spot since with “the Covid-19, agents have limited hours so this is the place I’m buying from right now.” As with his previous win, “I dreamt that I was playing the lottery and saw the numbers. My mother convinced me to play them. This is the second time I have dreamt numbers and they played.”

For Mr. Webbe, this is his 3rd big win for the year with his biggest payout to date being $17,998 won in March. Like his brother Blair, John also has a similar strategy of playing the numbers he sees which they both credit to their grandmother. Mr. Webbe also purchased his winning tickets from D’s Chill Spot. “I just had a good feeling with those numbers and decided to play. I’ve been winning consistently but because of the virus situation I was not 100% confident I would win so much.”

Office Manager at the Caribbean Lottery, Sabina Harrinarain happily congratulated the winners. “There is no doubt in my mind that both John and Blair have the ‘family formula’ as repeat Pick 4 winners. We are betting that they will continue this winning streak for some time to come.”

Mr. Thompson and Mr. Webbe both plan to save their winnings but first, they will definitely purchase something extra special for their mother. Pick 4 is unquestionably their favourite game, and they both advise, “Just keep on playing, one day your chance will come.”

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