Single Parents Group Host Fun Day For Parents And Children

By:Curtis Morton

Charlestown-Nevis-The very active Single Parents Support group, which operates out of the Social Services Department on Nevis and which is coordinated by Mrs. Grace Manners, held another of its annual activities, at the Jessups community center, on Monday 17th April.

Despite the inclement weather, the group held what has been officially dubbed its annual ‘FUN DAY’ for single parents and their children.

Single parents and their children from across the island, received the usual invitation to be a part of the much looked forward to activity. However, on the day, the turnout was understandably small, as it literally rained ‘cats and dogs,’ all day.

However, one of the coordinators of the event, Ms. Rhonda Williams, explained that the children and parents who showed up, had loads of fun, as they engaged in mostly indoor games and other fun activities.

They were also provided with a sumptuous luncheon.

Ms. Williams took time out to thank the major sponsors of the event: The Nevis Island Administration, through the Social Services department; the Four Seasons Resort and the Golden Rock Hotel.

She also thanked Coordinator Manners and the entire group of single parents, who continue to work hard on an annual basis, to raise funds to host similar events that will impact positively, the lives of many individuals within the community.

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