Six year old murder case to be tried during 2014 November Criminal Assizes

By: Gavincia Clarke

(CHARLESTOWN, NEVIS)- After being locked away from society for some time, the three accused for the murder of Leon ‘Gravo’ Westerman will soon have their day in court.

Police Prosecutor, Inspector Stephen Hector has indicated to this media house that  Preliminary Inquiries (P.I) have been completed for the individuals who are accused of murdering Westerman in 2008, and the matter is set to be tried for the November Criminal Assizes.

Craig Halliday
Craig Halliday

The trio, Craig Halliday of Sprott Street, St. Kitts, Asim ‘Wasie’ Parris of Stoney Grove, Nevis and Dexter ‘Pilikin’ Sommersal of Prickely Pear Alley, St. Kitts were arrested and charged for the six year old murder of Leon ‘Gravo’ Westerman.

Westerman, 28, was gunned down and shot multiple times about his body on January 28, 2008 while at a Spanish bar on Main Street, Charlestown. He succumbed to his injuries at the Alexandra Hospital.

In 2012, four years after Westerman’s death, Halliday was the first person who was arrested for the murder. In January 2014, Parris and Sommersal joined Halliday at Her Majesty’s Prison, St. Kitts.

Prior to this arrest, Parris was freed from prison in March 2013 after Police Prosecution failed to prove at the P.I stage that Parris along with two others had murdered Gary Smithen in 2011 while he was at his job site at Pennyless Auto Parts. After spending only 10 months out of prison, Parris was charged with Westerman’s murder.

Commissioner of Police, Celvin G. Walwyn in an earlier interview, said that Halliday’s arrest came about because of a ‘Cold Case Strategy’ that had been implemented by the Police Force.

Asim Parris
Asim Parris

While only one murder matter will be on the docket for 2014 November Criminal Assizes, other persons accused of murder remain behind prison bars and are waiting for their P.I to be brought forward.

Last year Nevis experienced a bloody 2013. With 10 murders recorded, only 3 persons have been arrested for allegedly committing the crimes.

Dustin Lapsey is still in prison charged for the June 2013 murder of Antonio ‘Dallors’ Hutton. Jerome Kelvin Williams is charged with the death of Chazere Davis and David Leon Jeffers was arrested in June 2014 for the conspiracy to murder Kishmoy Challenger and Adrian Springette.

Meanwhile, Preliminary Inquires continue at the Magistrate Court as Inspector Hector is working tirelessly to ensure that other criminal matters get on the docket for November Assizes.

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