SKN Moves Presents : NCDS and Quiz Master Competition Part 1

Saturday 25th and 26TH November 2023

Skn Moves – Nevis Chapter Hosted its first ever Cooking to Reduce NCDS and Quiz master competition which ran over two days on Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th November.

The cooking to reduce NDCS advocates competition took place at the Jessup Community Center.

The Advocates were given one hour to prepare with a prompt start time for cooking at 10.00 am. Our advocates were Mrs. Rhosyll Gaskill and Ms. Judy Webb.

They previously selected a protein and were given a recipe to cook. The challenge is to prepare a meal excluding the use of salt.

They had 45 minutes up to one hour to complete their dish.

Judith Webbe’s recipe:
Smoked Paprika-Parmesan Fish with Sautéed Greens

Rhosyll Gaskell’s recipe:
Mild Curry Quorn with Naan bread

The judges for the cooking segment were Chef Micheal Henville, Jamila Boddie of Boddie’s Restaurant and Gazebo and Genesia Pemberton, Dietician.

The segment was hosted by Expert Nutritionist / Dietician Mrs. Renell Daniel and the timekeeper was ably managed by Mr. Christopher Clarke.

Each judge gave positive critiques to both advocates, they asked questions to assist in their final deliberations.

They sampled the dishes and were totally impressed with the flavouring, absent from the use of salt, it was acknowledged that the use of certain seasonings will have a slight addition of sodium and so it was stressed that we cannot totally escape the exclusion of salt in any given recipe, however what is important is that we stick to the minimum requirement in the recipe and not add any extra sodium this reference was shared by Dietician Miss Genecia Pemberton and supported by Expert Nutritionist and dietician Renell Daniel.

Advocates in reflection enjoyed the cooking experience and loved the initiative, one advocate favoured the use of salt prior to participating and admitted that the changeover might prove difficult, but it would be a work in progress.

The other advocate said she welcomed the transition from using to stop using sodium in her daily cooking practices.

The results from Day 0ne

Judith Webbe scored 171 points

Rhosyll Gaskell scored 175 points.

Points from day one will roll over and will be added to day two results for an overall winner.

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