SKN Team Excels At Overseas Event

The St. Kitts-Nevis archers who represented the federation of St. Kitts and Nevis, at a prestigious Archery tournament, recently held in the Dominican Republic, are set to return home today-Tuesday 2nd July.
Head of the delegation, Dane Sandiford was happy to report that his team secured nine medals and not only participated in the tournament, but competed fiercely.
He stated: ‘There were a lot of talented and experienced shooters on the line with our SKNAA archers.
This was truly an amazing performance.
They maintained their poise and grace on the line, on a very hot day and went toe to toe with their competitors and excelled.
I was proud to be wearing that black shirt with our logo.
God bless everyone for their hard work and dedication.’
The tournament was held over the period –June 28th to July 1st and the team representatives were:
Catherine Joseph;
Tatjana Salud;
Jonathan Warde;
Jesse Wyly;
Gregory Mc Grath;
Pam Barry
Dane Sandiford.

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