SKNFA Results for Matches Played 16th – 18th June 2023

(Delroy Jeffers)
Friday 16th June 2023

Division: Premier Division
Venue: St. Mary’s Park in Cayon

Match # 1 @ 6:30pm: Rams Village Superstars Vs Sol Island Auto Conaree
Half-Time Score 1 – 0 In Favor of Rams Village Superstars
Final Score: 1 – 1

Goal Scorer for Village
Kimaree Rogers (Pk) 20th Min

Goal Scorer for Conaree
Kadeen Lewis 79th Min

Yellow Cards For Conaree
Javern Matthew 37th Min
Keondre Maynard 55th Min
Orland Wattley 89th Min

Yellow Cards for Village
Raheem Rogers 41st min
(Head coach) Stephen Clarke 43rd min
Joseph Wilkes 58th min
Caaja Burnham 78th min

Red Card
Mudassa Howe (Conaree) 18th min

Match Officials: Hakeem Harvey, Lenroy Parris, Tyra Wilkinson & Kareem Benjamin
Referee Assessor: Garfield Virgo
General Coordinator: Shanwa Broadbelt

Match #2 @ 8:30 Pm Flow 4g Cayon Rockets Vs Newtown United
Half-Time Score 1 – 0 In Favor of Newtown United
Final Score 1 – 0 In Favor of Newtown United

Goal Scorer for Newtown
Yusuf Saunders 5th Min

Yellow Cards
Yusuf Saunders (Newtown) 59th Min
Akimba Lawrence (Newtown) 85th Min

Match Officials: Reginald Gumbs, Ike Inniss, Yohan Nieuenkirk & Eversely Davis
Referee Assessor: Delroy Jeffers
General Coordinator: Troy Mills

Saturday 17th June 2023

Division: Elvis Star Brown Women’s League
Venue: Nevis Athletic Stadium

Match @ 6 pm: Hot Springs Bath United Vs Newtown United
Half-Time Score 2 – 0 In Favor of Newtown United
Final Score: 8 – 1 In Favor of Newtown United

Goal Scorer for Bath
Khamayah Daniel 49th Min

Goal Scorers for Newtown
Katelyn Forbes 4 Goals – 9th, 64th,72nd & 84th Min
Christi – Ann Mills 2 Goals – 13th & 55th Min
Shameka Isaac 50th Min
Kayza Boyles 53rd Min

Yellow Cards
Ashonique Romney (Bath) 25th Min
Shameka Isaac (Newtown) 64th & 66th Min

Red Card
Shameka Isaac (Newtown) 66th Min

Match Officials: Jermaine Wickham, Jason Audain, Ulinda Warner & Jasmine Charles

Division: Division 1
Venue: Nevis Athletic Stadium

Match @ 4 pm: Hard Times United Vs Newton Ground
Half-Time Score 1 – 0 In Favor of Hard Times
Final Score: 3 – 0 In Favor of Hard Times United

Goal Scorers for Hard Times
Shavon Parris 20th Min
Lejae Lagore 46th Min
Tamarley Wilkinson 49th Min

Yellow Cards
Leonard Garraway (Hardtimes) 14th Min
Keeron Parker (Newton Ground) 35th Min
Kyran Liburd (Hardtimes) 56th Min

Match Officials: Jason Audain, Kenni Martin, Makeyla Audain & Zoend Browne
General Coordinator: Dionne Barry

Division: Division 1
Venue: Molyneux Playing Field

Match @3pm: Molyneux Vs Trafalgar Southstars
Halftime Score: 2 – 0 In Favour of Southstars
Final Score 2 – 0 In Favor Of Trafalgar Southstars

Goal Scorer for Southstars
Lejourn Thompson Struck Twice 33rd & (Pk) 41st Min.

Yellow Cards
Jabari Willett (Southstars) 34th Min
Malique Hodge (Molyneux) 76th Min

Match Officials: Judell Matthew, Jevian Archibald, Raynic Bartlette & Raheem Rogers
General Coordinator: Diane Browne

Premier Division
At St.Paul’s Playing Field

Match #1 @ 6 Pm

Fast Cash Saddlers United Vs Security Forces United
Halftime Score 1-1
Final Score 2 – 2

Goal Scorers for Saddlers
Dequam Wattley 24th Min
Trevor Hanley 59th Min

Goal Scorer for Security Forces
Lesburt Jefferey Struck Twice 35th & 76th Min.

Yellow Cards
Sean Liburd (Saddlers) 17th Min
Kenrick Mcneil (Security Forces) 44th Min
Fernardo Williams (Saddlers) 61st Min
Jarin Clarke (Saddlers) 73rd Min
Lesburt Jeffrey (Security Forces) 90th + 2min

Red Card
Jarin Clarke (Saddlers) 73rd Min

Match Officials: Eversely Davis, Mario Parry, Kenwin Collins & Hakeem Harvey
Referee Assessor: Ike Inniss
General Coordinator: Cyril Ible

Match# 2 @ 8:15pm

Mfcr United Old Road Jets Vs He Garden Hotspurs
Halftime Score 1 -0 In Favor of Old Road
Final Score 2 – 1 In Favor of MFCR United Old Road Jets

Goal Scorer for Spurs
Volton John 48th Min

Goal Scorer for Old Road
Jardel Isaac 10th & 64th Min

Yellow Cards
Steve Archibald (Spurs) 75th Min
Miguel Crawford (Spurs) 76th Min
Javier Sutton (Old Road) 78th Min
Dejahne Morris (Spurs) 86th Min

Match Officials: Shandor Wilkinson, Graeme Browne, Juniequa Matthew & Tristley Bassue
Referee Assessor: Steadroy Douglas
General Coordinator: Kimberly Tucker Gumbs

Sunday 18th June 2023

At The Nevis Athletic Stadium

Match #1 @4 Pm
Elvis Star Browne Women’s League

Queen City Vs MFCR United Old Road Lady Jets
Half Time Score 6 – 0 In Favor Of Old Road Lady Jets
Final Score 9 – 0 In Favor of MFCR Old Road Lady Jets

Goal Scorers for Old Road
Azyka Morton (Own Goal) 4th Min
Dalencia Roberts Hat Trick – 16th, 54th & 72nd Min
Jahzara Claxton Hat Trick – 22nd, 33rd & 38th Min
Delandra Levine 26th Min
Ovalyn Whyte 79th Min

Yellow Cards
Kerisha Powell (Queen City) 6th Min
Zaidena Sharry (Old Road) 19th Min

Match Officials; Zoend Browne, Tyra Wilkinson, Alexis Joseph & Shandor Wilkinson
General Coordinator: Kimberly Tucker – Gumbs

Match #2 @6 Pm
Premier Division

Hot Springs Bath United Vs Jones Group Sandy Point
Half Time Score 2 – 1 In Favor of Bath
Final Score 3 – 1 In Favor of Hot Springs Bath United

Goal Scorer for Sandy Point
Elzandhai Warner (Pk) 22nd Min

Goal Scorers for Bath United
Phillron Lavia 12th Min
Romario Daniel 40th Min
T’quan Bartlette 86th Min

Yellow Cards
Venreece Richards (Bath) 4th Min
Anthony Alvez (Sandy Point) 64th Min
Sharzeef Thompson (Sandy Point) 82nd Min

Match Officials: Kareem Benjamin, Lenroy Parris, Austin Bart & Kimbell Ward
Referee Assessor: Lloyd Rouse
General Coordinator: Kimberly Tucker – Gumbs

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