SKNFA Weekend Results-Friday 26th to Sunday 28th April

(Delroy Jeffers)
Friday 26th April 2019

Keith Gumbs U – 18 Youth League
At The Gardens Playing Field

Spurs 1 – 2 Bath Utd

Scoring For Bath
Dejal Myers 18th Min
Jalden Myers 54th Min

Scoring For Spurs
Shabazz Whyte 70th Min

Yellow Card
Jausean Jeffers (Spurs) 90th Min

*** Officials Were Reginald Gumbs, Kareem Benjamin & Delroy Jeffers

Saturday 27th April 2019

Atiba Harris U 15 Youth League
At St Pauls

Dieppe Bay Vs Molineaux

** Molineaux Did Not Show Up

*** Officials Were Zoend Browne, Jaden Rouse & Delandra Levine

St Paul’s Vs St Peter’s

* St Peter’s Did Not Show Up.

*** Officials Were Jaden Rouse, Delandra Levine & Zoend Browne

At Cayon Playing Field

Newtown 2 – 0 Cayon

Scoring For Newtown
Jahquan Maynard 46th Min
Landrick Jones 49th Min

*** Official Was Caldon Duncan

Division 1 Easter Cup Finals
At Warner Park

Security Forces 2 – 1 Trafalgar Southstars

Scoring For Security Forces
Donyelle Francis 45th Min
Dennis Phillip 46th Min

Scoring For Southstars
Ricaldo Archibald 85th Min

Yellow Cards
Valdon Rogers (Sec. Forces) 33rd Min
Marlon Morrison (Sec. Forces) 59th Min
Chavaun Matthew (South Stars) 59th Min
Raheem Browne (South Stars) 64th Min
Lesburt Jeffrey (Sec. Forces) 69th Min
Randy Mundell (Sec. Forces) 70th Min

*** Officials Were Kareem Benjamin, Ulinda Warner, Latoya James & Zoend Browne
Ra: Lloyd Rouse
Mc/Gc: Michelle Collins

Premier Division Easter Cup Finals

Rams Village Superstars 4 – 0 Fast Cash Saddlers

Scoring For Village
Tiran Hanley 2 Goals 7th & 66th Min
Kimaree Rogers 55th Min
Gvaune Amory 79th Min

Yellow Cards
Tristan Hanley (Saddlers) 32nd Min
Fernando Williams (Saddlers) 45th & 71st Min
Ordelle Flemming (Village) 61st Min
Trevor Hanley (Saddlers) 81st Min

Red Card
Fernando Williams (Saddlers) 71st Min

*** Officials Were David Phipps, Mario Parry, Jason Rouse & Sanchez Bass
Ra: Malcolm Ramsey
Gc: Derrick Fyfield
Mc: Kevin Gerald

Sunday 28th April 2019

National Bank Premier League

S L Horsfords St Paul’s 3 – 1 Sol Island Auto Conaree

Scoring For St Pauls
Keithroy Freeman 2 Goals 20th & 63rd Min
Kendale Liburd 67th Min

Scoring For Conaree
Kadeen Lewis 82nd Min

Yellow Cards
Errol o’loughlin (Conaree) 23rd Min

*** Officials Were Tristley Bassue, Jaden Rouse, Yohan Henderson & Judell Matthew
Ra: Delroy Jeffers
Gc: Dexter Tyrell

Skrave Newtown Utd 1 – 1 Flow 4g Cayon

Scoring For Newtown
Carlos Bertie 16th Min

Scoring For Cayon
Nigel Thom 39th Min

Yellow Card
Jerome Richards (Cayon) 34th Min

*** Officials Were Trevester Richards, Shakel Campbell, Jaden Rouse & Jermaine Wickham
Ra: Stedroy Douglas
Gc: Theo Clarke

H E Garden Hotspurs 5 – 0 Atiba Harris St Peters

Scoring For Spurs
Akio Benjamin 3rd Min
Giovanni Lake 34th Min
Kishawn Francis 2 Goals 67th & 87th Min
Thelston Chumney 90th Min

No Cards Shown During The Match

*** Officials Were Reginald Gumbs, Ike Inniss, Tyra Wilkinson & David Phipps
Ra: Lloyd Rouse
Gc: Eunice Greenaway

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