SL Horsford And Company Ltd Presents Timely Gift to seniors’ Division

By:Curtis Morton

Charlestown-Nevis- a brief but very important ceremony was held at the conference room of the administration building in Charlestown on Wednesday 28th October.
That is when representatives from SL Horsford and company LTD, made the presentation of a very significant cheque to the Seniors’ division on Nevis.
Officer responsible for auto sales at the Nevis Center, Keno Jones, explained that the company had a special promotion for the months of August and September and promised then, that for each vehicle sold during that period, that the sum of $500.00 would be donated to the Seniors’ divisions in St.Kitts and Nevis.
Marketing manager of the company, Mr. Valentine Monish, congratulated Mr. Jones on his recent appointment and noted that the company was pleased with his progress so far.
He stated that when the idea of the promotion was born, it was an easy decision to make the donation to the Seniors’ division because of the tremendous contributions that the seniors have made to the welfare of the society.
He then handed a cheque valued $4,500.00 to Junior Minister in the Ministry of Social Development, Hon Hazel Brandy-Williams.
Minister Brandy-Williams thanked the two gentlemen and by extension the S L Horsford and company LTD for the kind gesture.
She pointed to the fact that the Nevis Island Administration pays quite a lot of attention to the welfare of the seniors and noted that the many programs and projects that have been put in place for their benefit, are sometimes quite costly and stated that the monetary gift was timely, as the seniors are currently celebrating the month of older persons.
She also opined that the collaborative efforts of both entities could become an ongoing reality into the future, as she stated that several more initiatives for the seniors, will be ‘rolled out’ next year.
Chairing the proceedings was Mr. Keith Glasgow, Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Social Development.
Also present were: Miss D Michelle Liburd, Asst. Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Social Development and Miss Sherilyn Liburd who represented the seniors’ division.

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