Social Security Appeal Tribunal Hearing

The general public and the media are hereby advised of a Social Security Appeal Tribunal hearing which will be held on Wednesday, 17th December at 9:00 am at the Social Security Board Room at the E. St. John Payne Annex located on Liverpool Row in Basseterre.

The Tribunal will hear the matter of Yvonne Guishard) vs the Social Security Board.
Interested persons may attend.

However, this provision for a public hearing may be waived at any point. Such waiver would be subject to a determination by the Chairman of the Tribunal that the whole or any portion of the proceeding would involve disclosure of intimate personal or financial circumstances or that considerations of public security may be involved.

The Social Security Appeal Tribunal provides an effective avenue whereby any claimant may seek a review of an adverse decision in relation to his/her claim for benefit.

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