Social Service worker deems juvenile actions as ‘ungrateful’

By: Gavincia Clarke

(CHARLESTOWN, NEVIS)- At the District ‘C’ Magistrate Court on Tuesday, February 26, 2013 a thirteen year old juvenile of the Gingerland Secondary School appeared before the court for building breaking and larceny.

The defendant was accused of breaking into the Computer Lab at the Gingerland Secondary School sometime between February 1 to February 3, 2013 and stealing $50.00 E.C. and one (1) MSI laptop valuing E.C. $1350.00.

Then on February 9, 2013 the school was broken into again but this time it was the room of the Science Lab. Stolen were four (4) khaki school pants, four (4) school shirts, two (2) Biology textbooks, one (1) Science textbook and a tin of kool-aid all valuing $665.00 E.C.

In court the juvenile pleaded guilty to all charges.

On the first incident, investigations by the police led officers to the juvenile who was interviewed in the presence of his mother. During that interview he admitted to stealing the items.

The juvenile became a suspect in the second incident when one of the teachers of the said school identified the uniform being worn by the defendant. When questioned he said he stole them from the Science Lab.

Social Service worker, Miss Anesta Maynard told the court that the young lad is an intelligent boy. She assured the court that the action of the juvenile is a result of him being ‘ungrateful’. Ms. Maynard explained that he had received much assistance from people in the society and he was a beneficiary of the school’s uniform program. She further stated that the juvenile was well aware of his actions.

Her Honor, Yasmine Clarke told the court that she would re-visit the matter next week Tuesday. She stated that by that time she would have thought about how the court should deal with the juvenile.

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