Source: Some Haitian migrants travelled first from their homeland, others joined in Dominica

By:Erasmus Williams
Basseterre, St Kitts, October 24, 2019 – Some of the Haitian migrants who were on-board the second wave of Haitians apprehended by the St Kitts and Nevis Coast Guard on Wednesday night may have travelled from Haiti several days ago.

According to a source at the Coast Guard Base and familiar with the preliminary investigation, a number of Haitians travelled first to Dominica where they were joined by other Haitian nationals.

It was not immediately known how many travelled from Haiti and the number who joined them for the outward bound journey.
It was also not immediately known if all are Haitians, the number of males and females in the group and their final destination.

The 30-foot yacht was met at sea by the Coast Guard and escorted to the Bird Rock Base. Under heavy security provided by the St Kitts-Nevis Defence Force, the migrants were escorted from the vessel to an area on the coast guard base. Several of migrants held their personal belongings in their hands.

The Haitians were then taken by two pickup vehicles to Camp Springfield, home of the St Kitts-Nevis Defence Force under heavy escort.

On Sunday night, October 20, fifteen Haitians entered St Kitts and Nevis illegally in the Bird Rock area and turned up at the Bird Rock Beach Hotel seeking accommodation.

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