Sports Department Summer Camps Commence

A large number of Primary school and early Secondary School students, showed up at the start of the annual summer camps, hosted by the Youth and Sports department.

The camps commenced at two venues on Monday 16th July.

At the Grell Hull –Stevens Netball Complex, Coaches Kerisha Powell and Siana Leader, assisted by Curtis Morton Jr, took approximately 40 young ladies through their paces.

The focus on day one was landing and catching.

According to Sports Director, Jamir Claxton, with Netball on the down low on the island, the Sports Department is intent on reviving the sport and the coaches are aware that the concentration must be on the young girls in the Primary and Secondary schools. Once they can appreciate and love the game for starters, then they would be willing to learn the relevant skills.

He pointed out that the concentration for the camp would not be so much on teaching the rules of the game, but teaching certain basic skills, so that the girls could learn to appreciate the game.

Meanwhile, at the ET Willet Park, coaches Tonito Willet, Kezron Archibald and Kian Pemberton took approximately 34 young boys and 2 girls through their paces, in learning some of the basic skills of Cricket.

Both camps will run for the remainder of the week and each week for the next few weeks, children have been booked to participate in various camps, which will include, Golf, Tennis and Basketball.

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