Sports Year In Review-2013

By: Curtis Morton

Another exciting year of sports on Nevis has virtually come to an end.

There were highs and lows and some of our sports men and women excelled by dint of their hard work and dedication to their sport of choice.

There were tears of joy and tears in the face of defeat but it all helped to make great entertainment for the adoring Fans and certainly made for interesting conversation and debate for the ever present critics and Analysts.

Minister responsible for Social Development, Youth, Sports and Gender Affairs on Nevis Hon. Hazel Brandy-Williams (file photo)
Minister responsible for Social Development, Youth, Sports and Gender Affairs on Nevis Hon. Hazel Brandy-Williams (file photo)

Junior Minister of Sports-Hon. Hazel Brandy-Williams in her review of the year thanked the employees within her Ministry and related Departments and especially the Sports Department for their tremendous work throughout the year.

She congratulated schools and individuals for their great achievements throughout the year:
Joint Inter primary champions—St.Thomas’ Primary and Charlestown Primary in the A division and the Elizabeth Pemberton Primary in the B division.

Football: Aljay Newton and Jeremy Richards who got overseas stints in Canada and England respectively

Cricket: Kieran Powell—Nevis current stand out Cricketer

Track and field: Adrian Williams –bronze medal at CARIFTA in 2013 and Royston Queeley who trained with the Racers’ track club in Jamaica

She indicated that her Ministry will put a plan in place early in the New Year to select an elite group of athletes to be placed in specialized training for the 2016 Olympics.

She congratulated all the athletes and wished them every success in the New Year

The sport of ARCHERY continues to increase in momentum on Nevis, as more and more persons are becoming interested in the use of the bow and arrows.

On Saturday 14th December the local Archery Association hosted an important competition which involved participants from Nevis and also from St.Kitts.

At the end of the competition, the overall winner was the President of the local Association, Mr. Dane Stanford.

The summarized results are as follows:
10 Meters
1st Pam Barry
2nd Lan Sin Ang
3rd Catherine Joseph
20 Meters
1st David Saw
2nd Joseph Williams
3rd Dane Sandiford
25 Meters
1st Dane Sandiford
2nd Stanacius Wallace
3rd Jermaine Stapleton
1st Dane Sandiford
2nd Stanacius Wallace
3rd Jermaine Stapleton

Athletics (Track and field)

President of NAAA-Lester Blackettt gave an update on his executive and an overview of the year
Wakely Daniel-Vice President
Carl Claxton-Treasurer
Carla Liburd-Secretary
Halstead Byron—PRO

Inter Primary- a bit controversial but reviewed and joint champions awarded in the A division-St.Thomas’ and Charlestown Primary

The overall results:
1st CHARLESTOWN PRIMARY CPS 200 (Joint Division “A” Champions)
1st ST. THOMAS’ PRIMARY SCHOOL STPS 200 (+1) (Joint Division “A” Champions)
3rd JOYCELYN LIBURD PRIMARY JLPS 143 (+1) (Runner-up Division “A”)
5th ELIZABETH PEMBERTON PRIMARY EPPS 81 (Division “B” Champions)
6th ST. JAMES’ PRIMARY SCHOOL JAMS 57 (-2) (Runner-up Division “B”)

There was a huge crowd despite live coverage.

The Independence 10 k- run held as part of the Independence 30 celebrations saw over 100 persons competing.
The event was won by Timoy Henry of St.Kitts

Awards totaled up to $6,000.00 in terms of cash prizes and trophies

Premier Amory—oldest competitor; Hon Troy Liburd and several Police officers also competed

IAAF level one course—28 persons started but 21 completed and all passed the course with 8 persons qualifying for the level two course.

Two athletes went to Jamaica for training—Jeron Claxton and Royston Queeley

Adrian Williams—under 20 bronze medalist in the CARIFTA event

Number of meets held in St.Kitts and Nevisian athletes performed creditably including Izan Ward and Chloe Williams.

Nevis did well in professional meet in Tortola

According to Blackett, some of the plans for 2014 will include—reintroduction of high school championships; field events for Inter Primary championships.
Possibility of hosting Leeward islands youth championships
Several development meets in January and February
February—plans for an officials’ course-level one

Sad note—The untimely passing of super athlete Tesril Nisbett in June.

Thanked all who have contributed to the success of Athletics in Nevis—parents, athletes, officials, government and private sector.

Still hoping to have a synthetic track in Nevis

President Shakema WANDA Parry coded 2013 as a successful year. A number of leagues were held and some clubs held tournaments.

Executive-President – Shakema Wanda Parry; Veronica Brandy-Vice President; Treasurer– Dwayne Warner; Asst Treasurer-Kirt Herbert; Secretary –Catherine; Asst Secretary-Donford Wilkinson and he is also the PRO.

Floor members—Royden Browne; Brem Liburd and Warren Bussue

Nevis Amateur Basketball league saw 6 teams participating.

Finals—CG Rebels and Bronx Crisis—CG Rebels won first two games of best of three to secure championship honours.

Schools league: GSS versus CSS- GSS won both games

Dynamics sports club—three on three tournament— In the Basketball finals, Maynard Ground Gingerland Soldiers engaged Hickman’s. The final score was 21 – 16 in favour of Maynard Ground Gingerland Solders
Malcolm Guishard Basketball league—7th year

CG Rebels have won 5 times ; PJS 1 and CG Rebels took the 2013 title.
Finals: CG Rebels v Bronx Crisis
Bronx won first game—CG Rebels won games two and three
MVP-Jenerson France—just edging out Royden Browne by 2 points
Most points and most rebounds—Norris Williams-Dynamics Sports club
Most steals—Everson Webbe
Most assists—Jenerson France

Two teams from Nevis participated in the SKABA league—PJ”S –A division—made finals—won one game and Cayon two
CG Rebels—Premier division
A Nevis select team engaged a Montserrat team in Nevis. Nevis won one game and Montserrat won one.
On the return trip to Montserrat—Montserrat won both games.

In terms of future planning, Ms Parry stated that her Association needs to move full steam ahead—needs more teams to be involved and Basketball will be the best sport ever
Nevis Amateur league to be held early in the New Year, so that both Nevis teams in SKABA league will have time to play uninterrupted.

There will also be the Dynamics club league and the Malcolm Guishard league;
She hopes that the Nevis team will be able to travel some more to places such as St Maarten and Tortola in order to give the players more exposure

Her Association also plans to hold a junior league in 2014.

Ace Nevisian Body builder, Colin Lazarus, continues to make a name for himself and for his country, St.Kitts and Nevis.

On Saturday 22nd September, Lazarus made it to the Light heavy weight finals of the Caribbean and Central American Body building competition. This competition is the top body building show in the Caribbean and Central America and he made it into the top six finalists in his category.

The contest was held in Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic.

Lazarus endeared the huge crowd and indeed the judges to take an overall second place in his category.

President Keith Scarborough described the year as very challenging.

He noted that the AGM was held late and so there was difficulty in accessing sponsorship.
There was also the unfavourable weather conditions and some of the regular teams did not mange to field a team this year.

Executive: President-Keith Scarborough’ V President-Stascius Wallace; Brian Dyer-Treasurer; no Secretary.
Management—Carl Tuckett; Sylvester Browne; Errol Sommersall; Gerard Charles; Patrick Newton; Oscar Browne
Selectors: Carl Tuckett; Sylvester Browne; Brian Dyer and Errol Sommersall
Second division and one day first division competitions were held.
Second division—tie between Empire and Highlights—poor weather for finals. Joint champions announced.
First division one day championship—Pennyless All stars won.
The two day competition did not materialize.
The Leeward islands tournaments were cancelled—umpires dispute and other issues.
The Leewards Associations have been asked to select a 20 man squad in preparation for the regional tournament scheduled to .commence in January.
Scarborough stated that he is prepared to start with young players and get rid of the old guard
‘Spectators have lost interest and there is no real support for fund raisers. We need new players,’ he said.
His association has plans to select a group of players to start training in January and prepare for the LICA tournament
He noted that most of the local teams have a lot of senior players who still can play the game but are not interested in playing for the island team, so there needs to be a concentration on the younger players.
Some of the successes for the year: 4 players in trials for Leewards under 17 tournament and 2 made it to the Leewards team;
Under 15 Leewards trials-5 players made it from Nevis and 3 made the Leewards team.
He is satisfied with what he is seeing in the younger generation of cricketers.
Kieran Powell Captain of West Indies A team. Scarborough is confident that he will one day captain the West Indies senior team.
Stuart Williams upgraded to senior team batting coach.
Nevis also won the Leeward Islands Masters’ tournament held in St.Kitts and is preparing to host the tournament in 2014.
The Nevis over 35 team also placed second to St.Maarten in the Luther Kelly over 35 tournament.
He noted that the grass roots cricket program is a plus but there is a need to get Cricket back in the Secondary schools.
He used the opportunity to encourage cricket lovers and Business places to support Nevis cricket in order for young cricketers with the potential to go the full distance.

The Macca X Nevis International Triathlon took place on Nevis on Saturday 16 November 2013.
The long-distance race involved a 1.5km swim in Gallows Bay, a 60km bike ride which took the athletes around the island twice and a 10km run across road/trails and the beach.
Jane Hansom won the ladies’ race in a time of 3:26:36, coming third overall.
Chris “Macca” McCormack was the overall winner. He stated that for 2014, the plan is to build on this triathlon and take over the entire island with triathletes next November.
Twenty-four year old Nevisian triathlete Romel Gaskin, made sports history on Nevis when he became the first local to cross the finish line at the first Macca X Nevis International Triathlon.

Drag Racing
Make up of Drag Racing Unit—Office Manager—CJ Bartlette; Mervyn Bonnet-Marketing personnel and he also oversees operations at the track; Secretary-Mackese Griffin
Well structured management team which include starters, volunteers etc
Slow start to the year
Three successful events. The meet in December got rained out

August— Culturama event–huge turn out
Kareem Walters; Samuel Matthew were the stand out racers from Nevis.
St.Croix; Antigua; St.Maarten; St.Kitts and Nevis were the participating islands.
September-Independence meet- an even bigger crowd in attendance.
There was the exciting and controversial race between BIG SEXY and KING OF CALLE.
St.Maarten, Anguilla and St.Eustatius absent due to a tragic accident in Anguilla involving two of their Drag racers
December meet—rained out –Make up event set for January 11th and 12th 2014
Admission will only be $10.00 for adults and $5.00 for children. Vendors and Racers who had already paid for the last event, would enter free of cost.
The Drag Racing Unit is asking the general public to continue support the sport.

President-George BRIGO Meade; V President-Rodel Whitaker; Mentrice Arthurton-Secretary; John Guilbert-Treasurer; PRO-Delroy Pinney
Two year impasse-old executive resigned except for two members—general election held and a new executive elected in October –no football in 2 and a half years
Legends cup—9 teams—2 zones-A and B—5 teams in zone A and 4 in zone B
Stoney Grove and Highlights were the two top teams in zone A
Bath and Villa the two top teams in zone B
Semi finals:—Stoney Grove 2 to 1 over Villa
Bath 2 to 1 over Highlights
Finals: Stoney Grove v Bath in an exciting contest. Scoreline: 1 to 1 at end of regular time
Overtime Bath won 3 to 1

Legend cup statistics:-19 games—83 goals
Highlights was the best defending team only conceding 5 goals
Most goals Highlights
Adrian Williams -5

Five persons scoring 4—Marley Newton; Ziggy Newton; Delroy Newton; Cordell Powell and Alfred Taylor
For the current league, the crowd was initially skeptical and the gates were thrown open. However, there has been steady progress as the crowd is now returning to the ETW.
Round one has been completed and round two is ongoing with a break until January 4th 2014

Statistics up to game two in the second round:
Highlights 8 games 22 pts
SSG-8 games -16 pts
CCC Bath -8 games 13pts
All Stars 8 games -11 pts
Bronx Crisis 7 games –10 pts
Villa 8 games -9 pts
Hardtimes 8 games-7 pts
Stones United 8 games-0 pts

Goal scorers
Alfred Taylor-17; Errol Newton-10; Shaeed Tyson-8; Adrian Williams 7; Dale Farrel-7; Aljay Newton-7; Carlos Chapman 7; Shawn Hanley 6
Meade feels that under the circumstances, his Association has done really well.

‘We have rode the waves well and am satisfied with how things have gone. We could have done with more sponsorship and man power etc but we have done well,’ he stated.

A petition was filed against the Association and Meade indicated that it was sent to the Legal Department for interpretation and a report has been recently received and that will be discussed with the general body shortly.

Future plans: Contacts have been made with some scouts in England who will occasionally have a look at the local players with a possibility of getting contracts for England.

Arrangements will be made to organize matches with nearby islands in terms of gaining exposure for the players on the Nevis team.

The Primary School championship was keenly contested as usual with the Ivor Walters Primary and the Charlestown Primary being the two outstanding teams.
The closing ceremony to announce the overall winners is yet to be held.
However, the Lyn Jeffers Primary School won at least one game and the Maude Cross Prep team was also a major contender this year.

Horse racing
Executive—President—Allister Thompson; V President-Maurice Stapleton; Secretary-Landa Browne; Treasurer–Maureen Archibald
Floor members: Tosh Mc Coy; Richard Lupinacci; Miguel Mills; Delroy Liburd; Kenito Browne
The New Year’s meet was held on the 6th January
The Tourism race in February was not held due to financial reasons.
There was a meet in April and a Meet in June when there was an issue with the Jockeys.

Some of the main Jockeys were in St.Kitts but alternative arrangements were made in order to host the meet on a lower scale
August meet—Culturama event— There were some issues to sort out race day clashes with the Drag Racing Unit—Sports Minster Hon. Mark Brantley had to intervene and matters were amicably settle as a compromise was arrived at.

Two races were held on —28th July and August 1th
As regards the local Jockeys, Brem Liburd is serving 22 years as a Jockey; Patrick Howell showing is showing serious promise and there is also the experienced Kyle Doras

Grey Ghost; Lady Pleasure and Lady Boss; Hawley’s Wild Fire; Wild Candy; Rosman; OBAMA; Lowette’s Hill; Real Aspectation and Mr. Big Pepe were the stand out horses during the year
Wild Candy beat Mr Big Pepe in Easter—Pepe came back to win ever since and is still dominating

September races—Dan Bartlette Memorial Stakes-Mr. Big Pepe—won for the second consecutive year
That meet saw the biggest race purse-in excess of $15,000.00
There was a bit of a lull towards the end of the year as the stables took horses to rest
The Thanksgiving race had to be postponed
Races now set for 29th December and 5th January
Future projections:—AGM slated for 25th January; partnerships for 2014; big debt with Bank of Nevis to be paid overtime as arrangements for payments are being made—over 100,000.00 owed over ten years.
Jockey training-a few young guys are attached to some stables—one or two will get into the action shortly
He stated that it is an Uphill task to acquire young Jockeys –parents skeptical
He is urging all horse lovers to become members of the Nevis Turf and Jockey club–$100.00 for year payable by 12th January
A number of exciting races will be held in 2014.

Only one tournament was held by the Association in 2013.
The two finalists were: Bath United and Stoney Grove Untouchables.
In the deciding match, at the end of the first quarter, the score line was 5 goals all.

Bath United stepped it up a bit in the second quarter and by the whistle, the score had progressed to 18 to 10 in favour of the Bath team.

Stoney Grove would have been hoping to pull it back in the third quarter but that was not to be as Bath United continued to sink goals at a regular rate. The score at the end of the third quarter was 27 to 13 in favour of the Bath team.

In the final quarter, Stoney Grove converted 7 goals but Bath United responded with 8 of their own to make the final score 34 to 21.

There was also a very exciting tournament hosted by the Dynamics Sports Club of Gingerland and that came to its thrilling conclusion at the Old Manor Hard court on the evening of Saturday 26th October.

The St.George’s Parish League consisted of Netball and 3×3 Basketball matches. There were four teams for the Netball games and five teams for the Basketball. A total of 61 participants were involved.
On Saturday 26th October the tournament concluded with the two final games: One Netball game and the other in Basketball.

In Netball, the Rawlins Nature Girls came up against the Clay Ghaut Combined Purple Gladiators. The final score was a whopping 41 – 12 in favor of Rawlins Nature Girls.

The two Secondary Schools on Nevis did not perform well in the federation inter high schools Netball tournament but the game between the two schools was probably the most exciting of the entire tournament.

The scores were tied 19-all as the seconds ran out but GSS managed a crucial goal and CSS did not have enough time to respond as the final whistle blared.

Final score: A heart stuttering 20 to 19 in favour of the GSS team.

The sad news was received of the passing of Netball icon, Cicely Grell-Hull. She is credited as one of the persons who made the game of Netball what it is on the island of Nevis and is one of the founding members of the Nevis Netball Association.

She was a long serving President of that august body and just four years ago, she received the signal honour along with another stalwart of the sport, Mrs. Dora Stevens, when the Nevis Island Administration named the Netball complex in their honour. The Netball Complex is now officially named ‘The Grell Hull-Stevens Netball Complex.

According to a release from the family, Ms Hull passed away on Sunday 2nd June at about 4.15 pm at her Harbour View home in St.Kitts,

Sports Fishing—
Mark Theron—Commodore of the Yacht Club on Nevis.

Other executive members: Arthur Anslyn; Bret Williams; Miles Den and Harry Holstrom
Emphasis on developing youth sailing program.

The annual sports fishing tournament-19th edition was held in the last week of October
15 boats participated but there were poor weather conditions.
The catch was not great.

Clevin Christmas—largest catch and largest Wahoo-champion boat.
Other prizes included:
Largest dolphin
Largest tuna

The youth sailing program is a little dormant but is being revived.
A St.Kitts-Nevis national sailing association was recently registered and can now become an associate member of ISF-International Sailing Federation

The Association is planning to raise funds to hire a sailing instructor
Children will first be taught to swim before being allowed to sail.
Safety is a big issue.

Children will gain a lot of self confidence.
All sailing lessons will be offered free of cost for children 8 to 16 years old.

Jamir Claxton-Ag Director of Sports
He gave an overview of the management structure within the Sports department:

Carl Tuckett-managing Coaches;

Vera Herbert-Coordinator with special responsibility for Netball
Stuart Williams—National cricket coach

Masefield Nisbett-National Trainer
Raymond Smith—Facilities management
There are approximately 10 coaches currently employed with the Department
Some of the plans for the year did not come to fruition.
Successes: Tape ball cricket competition

Under 23 high performance program-Aljay Newton and Jeremy Richards got overseas contracts
New athletic program started under the supervision of Shermon Caines.
The formation of a female Football squad.

Failures-Still working on getting clubs more structured
To upgrade the workings of the various Associations
To put in place a coordinated calendar of events to prevent venue and other conflicts.
An attempt will be made to rectify these issues in the New Year

There were some moments during the year under review that brought smiles and joy to the sporting fans on evis and also to some of the athletes.

However, there are some areas of major concern as we go into a New Year:
Popular sports such as Tennis and Volley Ball need to be organized by an elected body and run competitively across the island.

Top athletes in every sport, need to be nurtured and encouraged so that they can reach their full potential.

The calendar of events for 2014 needs to be quickly put in place with the involvement of all of the sporting bodies in order to avoid venue conflicts and clashes of key events.

Sports fans and Business places should also support the athletes and the various sports in every way possible, knowing fully well that when our athletes excel, the entire island benefits.

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