Sports Year in Review-2018 Introduction

The year 2018 was another exciting one for the ardent sportsmen and sports women on Nevis.
It again served to prove in a marked and real way, that in order to achieve, hard work, effort and sacrifice, must be in the equation.

The athletes at the various schools across the island, be it public schools, private schools, preschools, primary schools or Secondary schools, thrilled the various crowds that showed up in their numbers to witness their events, whether it was cross country events or their big Sports meets.
However, the sensational meet of the year, was the Gulf Insurance Inter primary Championships-aka, the MINI OLYMPICS which was held on the 28th March 2018.
It afforded even more excitement as for the first time, the prestigious event would be held at the brand new MONDO track.
According the official scores released after the 100 meter events, Charlestown Primary was leading the Joycelyn Liburd Primary school, by a mere two points, while defending champions, St. Thomas’ Primary, was trailing by all of ten points, after leading for some time, during the course of the day.
And so, it all came down to the final two 4X400 meter races.
After the final race of the day, the Charlestown Primary School celebrated prematurely and then came the shocking revelation, in terms of the final scores:

Charlestown Primary and Joycelyn Liburd Primary-181 points –joint Zone A champions
St. Thomas’ Primary-168 points
Elizabeth Pemberton Primary-128 points-Zone B champions
Ivor Walters Primary-94 points
Maude Cross Preparatory -62 points
VOJN-41 points
St. James’ Primary-9 points
On that day, it would be forever etched in the memory of all who saw it, that Sasha Parris of the Maude Cross Preparatory School, secured the first gold on the new track, in the 400 meters event.
Quite appropriately, the noises of dissent, were drowned out by loud explosions, as a fantastic fireworks display, effectively brought an end to a long and exciting day.
But it was far from over. While the Joycelyn Liburd Primary School was celebrating, the Charlestown Primary School was in the process of making a formal challenge to the results.
Eventually after much debate and reviews by an official committee, the Charlestown Primary school was adjudged sole winner and the updated point standings reflects the final outcome:

Charlestown Primary – 185-1st
Joycelyn Liburd Primary – 180 -2nd
St. Thomas’ Primary 168-3rd
Elizabeth Pemberton Primary – 126-4th
Ivor Walters Primary – 93-5th
Maude Cross Preparatory – 61-6th
Violet Jeffers Nicholls Primary – 42-7th
St. James Primary – 9.-8th

With the focus now on the MONDO track, SKNAAA chief Val Henry made the pronouncement, that more national meets will be held in Nevis.
One such meet was held on Sunday 27th May and featured some nine clubs from St. Kitts and Nevis participating in the event. These included: Tonics; Extreme Velocity; Pace Setters; Trail Blazers; Fast Twitch; Gladiators; Titans and Over the Top.
Quite a large crowd witnessed the event and the overall winner was the Fast Twitch Track club.


The Titans Athletics club hosted yet another in a series of relay events on Sunday 8th April. The meet was aptly dubbed the ‘A1 Athletics Club Relay festival,’ as the A1 Office Technology store in Charlestown remains the chief sponsor of the club.
This time around was even more significant because it was the first time at the Nevis Athletic Stadium aka the Mondo track.
Some five teams participated in the event: Titans; Gladiators; Over the Top; Extreme Velocity and Far Stretch
A huge and appreciative crowd was on hand to witness the event.
At the end of the meet the detailed results were not received but sufficing to say, the host club, Titans, came away as champions, as they topped the medal count.

Team Anguilla was the dominant force on the day, as the 2018 edition of the Culturama games was held at the Nevis Athletic stadium, on Sunday 22nd July.
A sizeable crowd showed up as local athletes and visiting athletes from St. Kitts, Antigua & Barbuda and Anguilla, along with several international stars, lit up the MONDO track.

Team Anguilla (1)

The teams represented were: Titans; Team Anguilla; Srods Athletic; Wings; Roots track club; Super Nova; Over the top; Fast Twitch. Those club teams represented Antigua & Barbuda and St. Kitts and Nevis.
There were also some international athletes representing the USA; Brazil; Grenada; Bahamas; St. Kitts-Nevis and Nigeria.
Team Anguilla not only dominated the track, but they also dominated the stands as well. Their support crew cheered the loudest and waved their flags, as they celebrated race after race.
Significantly, it was the first time that local athletic star Adrian Williams, was throwing the javelin on the new track and he did not disappoint the home fans. He easily won his international event, with a throw of 64.67 meters.
A new innovation on the day, saw Sheilagh James, conducting interviews with the various winners, at track side.
Miss Wanda Parry and her executive who make up the Nevis Amateur Basketball Association (NABA), continue to do an excellent job in keeping the sport of Basketball alive on the island.
Minister of Sports, Hon. Eric Evelyn paid tribute to Miss Parry and her team, while speaking during the house of Assembly budget debate.
He stated that the other associations on the island, need to take a page from the book of the Basketball Association.
Meanwhile, another tight game in the 2018 Nevis Amateur Basketball Association league, was played on the evening of Thursday 28th June.
This time, it was all to play for in the best of three series, to determine the 2018 champions of Basketball on the island.
The two teams in focus, were defending champions CG Rebels and Ole Skool.
Ole Skool had won game one in the best of three series and CG Rebels were intent on forcing a game three.
In the first quarter, CG Rebels led by 2 points and in the second quarter Ole Skool led by 6 points.
Half time score: 29 to 25 in favour of Ole Skool
The third quarter was tied and the score then was Ole Skool 41 CG Rebels 37
In the final quarter, Ole Skool managed a lead by 2 points; winning two of the quarters and tying one
Final score: Ole Skool 52; CG Rebels 46
Ole Skool, having taught all of their opponents a few lessons, are therefore the 2018 champions of Basketball, on Nevis
Then in the Malcolm Guishard Memorial league,
it certainly was not a game for the faint hearted.
It was the evening of Saturday 15th December and the final game of the 2018 edition of the Malcolm Guishard Basketball league, was in the spotlight, as multi times champions, CG Rebels, engaged the vastly improved Dynasty Ballers, who had never tasted championship honours, in their nine years of trying.
Both teams had gone into the final game of the best of three series, with one game each in the bag.
From start to finish, this third game was a ring dinger and a supportive and vociferous crowd was on hand to witness it.
The tension mounted, as with 1 minute and 8 seconds on the clock, the score was 52 to 50, in favour of CG Rebels.
Trevorn Simmonds of Dynasty hit one and missed one from the free throw line. However, the rebound from the missed shot was sunk for two points. Make that 53 to 52 in favour of Dynasty Ballers with 42 seconds remaining.
Jermie Jeffers of the CG Rebels, then responds with a brave three pointer, from way up town, with 34 seconds on the clock
Make that 55 to 53 in favour of CG Rebels.
With just 12 seconds remaining, Orion Jones left hooked one into the hoop, much to the joy of the Dynasty fans, but suffered a cut over the right eye in the process.

Dynasty -champs (1)

The clock was frozen for one shot from the free throw line and Keijarie Huggins, calmly sunk it, to make it 56 to 55.
Jenerson France of CG Rebels got in a shot, but it hit the rim and bounced back, to the chagrin of the CG Rebels supporters.
The rebound resulted in another attempt at the hoop by the CG Rebels, but that again failed to go in and then came the final blast of the whistle, signaling that Dynasty Ballers had won by the narrowest of margins!
Final score:
Dynasty Ballers 56 CG Rebels 55
Dynasty Ballers therefore, the 2018 champions of the Malcolm Guishard Memorial league.

Bull’s gym again made another generous offer to patrons, by giving them the month of December free of cost.

The much anticipated first and second division tournaments to be hosted by the Nevis Cricket Association, did not materialize but there was Cricket played at various levels.
IWPS-Champions of Primary School Cricket 2018
The Ivor Walters Primary School (IWPS) is the 2018 champions of Primary School Cricket on the island of Nevis.
This feat was accomplished at the grand finals versus the Elizabeth Pemberton Primary school (EPPS), held on Friday 13th July.
Summarized scores: IWPS 77 for 9 from 15 overs: Chris Browne 10; Shemuel Xavier 8
44 extras
Kian Saddler 3 for 10; Shyan Boddie 2 for 8; Romario Morgan 2 for 18
EPPS 55 all out: Sam Lal 10; Brad George and Ulano Smithen 7 each
Extras 21
Jahmal Lewis 3 for 9; Jones, Xavier and Browne 1 wicket each
IWPS won by 22 runs
Meanwhile, the St. Kitts Cricket Team, that travelled to Montserrat to participate in the Leeward Islands 50 Overs Tournament, brought home the championship for the third consecutive year, ‘and the government,’ said Acting Prime Minister and Minister of Sports, Honourable Shawn Richards, ‘is indeed proud of their achievement.’
Before getting back to St. Kitts, the team landed at the Charlestown pier and spoke to the media there.
The team members were understandably in jubilant mode.
A more somber Nevis team which had performed dismally during the tournament, also faced the media that day.
Speaking of winning teams-
Sunday 11th November, saw the conclusion of the exciting Tape ball Cricket tournament, which was sponsored by the Development Bank of St. Kitts and Nevis and hosted by the Department of Youth and Sports.
The match to determine third place which was scheduled between GT United and SDA Jets, was not played, as the GT United team, failed to show with enough players to comprise a team and therefore forfeited the points to the Jets.
Then it was the headliner: Empire versus All-stars for the championship trophy and cheque.
Summarized scores: Empire 97 for 4 in 10 overs: Adelvin Phillip 68
Kian Pemberton; Tonito Willet and Akadianto Willet 1 wicket each
All Stars-62 all out in 8.1 overs: Akito Willet 22; Javani Tyson 15
Joel Simmonds 2 for 5; Adelvin Phillip 2 for 9; J. Allen 2 for 18; Tiwan Prentice and S. Merchant 1 wicket each
Empire won by 35 runs
Man of the match –Adelvin Phillip
Then what about the senior players?
The Nevis Masters’ Cricket team, is the 2018 champions of Masters’ Cricket in the Leeward Islands.
First there were eight teams and then there were two.
The feat was accomplished on Sunday 20th May in front of a hugely impressive and vociferous crowd.
The extremely wet outfield at the ET Willet park, forced a delayed start to the proceedings on the final day but kudos must be given to grounds man JABAL and his assistants, for getting the playing area available, sometime after midday.
Nevis qualified for the grand finals, by taking care of a determined St. Maarten team and St. Croix, after amassing an imposing 190 runs, in their turn at crease, easily restricted Anguilla, to seal the other final’s spot.
In the grand finals, St. Croix won the toss and elected to take first knock.
Summarized scores in the finals: St. Croix 107 for 8 in 15 overs: S. Evans 21; K. Bola 19*; K. Cornelius 16
Dennis Clarke 3 for 22; Derrick Parry 3 for 25; Wendell Wallace 1 for 26
Nevis 110 for 3 in 14.5 overs: Merlin Liburd 44; Ardie Liburd 28*; Carl Tuckett 16
Nevis won by 7 wickets

In the official closing ceremony, chaired by President of LIMCA, Alkins Rogers, Miss Shari Walwyn and Minister of Sports, Hon. Eric Evelyn, assisted in handing out the trophies, medals and cash prizes to the top performers as follows:
Champion team-Nevis
Second placed team-St. Croix
Best wicketkeeper-A tie between Joel Simmonds of Nevis and Evans of St. Croix
Best batsman-Ardie Liburd
Best bowler-Patrick Newton
MVP of the tournament-Ardie Liburd
Interestingly, St. Croix won the trophy two years ago in St. Croix; St. Thomas won last year in St. Thomas and now Nevis has won this year, when the tournament was played in Nevis.
The announcement was also made and confirmed that Antigua and Barbuda will host the tournament next year.

The Nevis Masters were not so fortunate when they participated in the Luthier Kelly over 35 tournament, played in St. Maarten in December.
The Nevis team got to the semifinals but eventually got knocked out by St. Croix, who later folded to St. Maarten in the finals.
The Special Olympians of St. Kitts and Nevis, engaged in their first official practice session, in terms of a triathlon, on Sunday 28th January.
Veteran triathlete, Winston Crooke, led out in coordinating the event and guiding the potential athletes, into the new sporting area for them.
He was ably assisted by Ms. Terri Andrews and a host of volunteers.
A source from within the special Olympics organizing committee, informed that for the upcoming world summer games, slated for Abu Dhabi, from March 14th to 19th 2019, the sport of Triathlon, has been added to the list of activities.
In this regard, St. Kitts-Nevis intends to compete in this event and so the athletes are being trained to master the sport, which involves swimming; cycling and running.
It is understood that the sessions will become more competitive as the athletes become more adept at the sport.
An international Special Olympics committee release indicates that: ‘The summer games in 2019 will feature seven days of competition in 24 sports. There will be court sports: badminton, basketball, beach volleyball, bocce, handball, table tennis, tennis and volleyball. There will be races in athletics, cycling, kayaking, open water swimming, roller skating, sailing, swimming and triathlon. Judged competitions will be equestrian, judo, artistic gymnasts and rhythmic gymnastics. Rounding out the list of sports are bowling, football, golf and powerlifting.
Many thousands of people will take part or watch the Games. An estimated 7,000 Special Olympics athletes and their 2,600 coaches will arrive early to get used to the time zone and temperature. Abu Dhabi itself will provide 20,000 volunteers and up to 500,000 spectators. The families of the athletes will number 6,000. And there’s an expectation that 2,000 reporters, photographers, videographers and bloggers will capture the games for international media. Honored guests of Special Olympics could number 4,000, too.’

Minister Evelyn Pledges Support to Drag Racers
The Nevis Drag Racing Unit, hosted another in the exciting Drag Races, on Sunday 18th March, at the St. James’ Raceway.
Among the scores of race fans attending the event, was the Hon. Eric Evelyn, Minister of Sports, who enthusiastically declared later, that he thoroughly enjoyed the event.
He also pledged his commitment in assisting the drag racers in any way possible, in the development of the sport on the island.
‘I am committing the assistance of myself and my Ministry in the development of all forms of sporting activities on the island,’ he said.
The winners were:
14 seconds
Annalise Leibrandt-Nevis-winner; Nicholas Liddie-St. Kitts-second place
13 seconds
Jodean James-SK-winner; Anthony Maloney-SK- second place
12 seconds
Andy Maloney-SK-winner; Wentworth Smithen –Nev-second place
10 seconds
Valentine Brookes-Anguilla-winner; Melbert Pemberton-SK-second place
Open Class
Clifford parry-Nev-winner; Raynaldo Chiverton –Nev-second place
Several more planned events had to be postponed for various reasons
In another event:
The St. James’ Raceway was the venue for another exciting Drag Race meet, held on Sunday 30th September.
Scores of individuals showed up at the Drag Race track, as racers and their vehicles represented from Anguilla, St. Maarten, St. Kitts and host team, Nevis.
The event started sometime after 1 pm and was not concluded until sometime after 8pm.
The spectators received a high level of entertainment, as most of the races were very competitive.
The updated results are as follows:
13 seconds class-Winner-Samantha Boone- (White ford raptor) -St. Kitts
2nd place-Dylan RATCHET Smithen (single cam turbo civic)-Nevis
12 seconds class-Winner- Winner-Gary Liburd (Mitsubishi Evo 5) JR-Nevis

2nd place-Rease Bailey (Beema)-Nevis
11 seconds class-Winner-Valentine Brookes of Anguilla (turbo Mazda 626)
2nd place-Wentworth DJ WENTY Smithen-(VB Chevy Blazer on NOS) Nevis
10 seconds class-Winner-Dwayne ZUMIE Decosta-St.Kitts
2nd place-Clayon NICK Clarke- Nissan 180 sx) Nevis
9 seconds class-Winner-Darren Maynard (Bashy)-(Toyota Supra) Nevis
2nd place-Eric Millot-St. Maarten (super charged V8 Mustang)

Outlaw class- Winner-Lorne BARKY Daniel (El Gargamel) – (V8 twin turbo fox body Mustang) Nevis
2nd place-Clifford BUBBA Parry (Blackbird) (single turbo Supra)-Nevis

On hand to personally give out the trophies, was Minister of Sports, in the Nevis Island Administration, Hon. Eric Evelyn.

Monday 16th July saw the commencement of the annual Emmanuel Richards Football camp.
The opening ceremony was held, as per usual at the set home of the camp, the St. Thomas’ Primary School.
It all started with a prayer by Mrs. Janice Richards and the singing of the national anthem by all present.
Emmanuel Richards himself, gave the opening remarks and noted that the program was now in its 14th year. In giving recognition to all of the sponsors, he had special words of commendation for Nevis Multi Line and Premier Mark Brantley, who both sponsored his first program and are still with him up to the present time.
The camp concluded on Friday 27th July.

The battle lines were well and truly drawn. After all, Friday 7th December, was D-day.
It was the grand final day of the Primary Schools Football championship 2018, at the ET Willet Park.
The tournament which was a collaborative effort between the Youth and Sports Department and the Ministry of Education, attracted quite some spectators, over the last few weeks and on the final day, the crowd did not disappoint.
The first game, played at 10.30 am, saw an intense struggle for third place, between the Charlestown Primary School and the Ivor Walters Primary School.
The Ivor Walters Primary prevailed, with a 1 goal to nil margin.
At 2.30 pm the grand finals between the defending champions, St. Thomas’ Primary and the Elizabeth Pemberton Primary, was played in front of a huge and enthusiastic crowd.
Almost at the half time whistle, EPPS managed to bomb one into the back of the net.
Coach Adelvin Phillip and his support crew, celebrated wildly.
Half time score was 1 goal to nil, in favour of the EPPS.
Whatever Coach Eddy Richards said at the break, worked immediate dividends, as St. Thomas’ Primary managed to sink home the equalizer, shortly after the resumption, much to the joy of their fans.
With just about five minutes to go, it seemed like the penalty kick offs would be inevitable but wait!
It was the dynamo, Adrian Williams, starring again, by sinking home goal number two for his team.
EPPS fought hard to equalize in the remaining moments of the game, but to no avail.
Final score: St. Thomas’ Primary 2 Elizabeth Pemberton Primary 1.
The game was viewed by Premier Mark Brantley; Hon Eric Evelyn and Hon Troy Liburd, who all played significant roles in the closing ceremony that followed.
During that ceremony, ably chaired by Deputy Director of Sports, Brian Dowe, Premier Brantley and Ministers Evelyn and Liburd, offered brief remarks and the following awards were presented:
Best goal keeper-T’Shawn Newton-CPS
Most Goals-Adrian Williams-St. Thomas’ primary -15 goals
Upcoming young player-Treyon Daniel-MCPS
Best defender-Kamal Brandy-EPPS
Fair play award-VOJN Primary
MVP of tournament-Adrian Williams-St. Thomas’
3rd placed team-Ivor Walters Primary
2nd placed team-EPPS
Champions-St. Thomas’ Primary
The schools were presented with the appropriate medals and trophies.
A Team of the season was also announced, which reflected the top players in various positions:
T’ Shawn Newton-CPS
Tyler Nisbett-St. Thomas’ primary
Anthony Archibald-Nevis Academy
Kamal Brandy-Elizabeth Pemberton
Keon Saddler-Elizabeth Pemberton
Ashley Parris-Joycelyn Liburd Primary
Jaheem Hazel Ivor Walters Primary
Adrian Williams-St. Thomas’ Primary
N’ziah Skeete-Charlestown Primary School

Mr. Jamir Claxton of Nevis who is the Director of Sports and also an Executive Member of the St. Kitts-Nevis Football Association (SKNFA), went to Russia as a member of the St. Kitts- Nevis delegation attending several FIFA related activities.
He accompanied SKNFA President Mr. Anthony Johnson and General Secretary Mr. Stanley Jacob.
While in Russia, the team attended the CFU (Caribbean Football Union) congress, where the vote for a new president, was the key item on the agenda. In addition, they attended the 33rd CONCACAF Ordinary Congress where delegates of the 41 CONCACAF nations reviewed the performances of the organization for the 2017 calendar year and also approved the budget for the next cycle.
Finally, the St. Kitts- Nevis Delegation attended the 68th FIFA Congress which reviewed FIFA activities for the last period and discussed plans for the new period.
The vote for the 2026 World Cup host was also carried out at the 68th FIFA Congress, which saw the United bid (Mexico, USA and Canada), beat Morocco to host the 2026 FIFA World Cup.
The final activity for the group saw them attending the opening game of the 2018 FIFA World Cup between host Russia and Saudi Arabia, as guests of the FIFA President.
The team returned to the federation on June 16th.

St. John’s are the under 21 champions of Football on Nevis for 2018.
As a matter of fact, they are the back to back champs, having completed the same feat last year.
In the final match of the best of three finals, played on the evening of Friday 16th February, they got the better of St. Paul’s in a tough contest, at the ET Willet Park.
As was the case in the previous encounter, it came down to penalty kicks and this time around, the St. John’s team hit the back of the net four times and St. Paul’s responded with three.
At the presentation ceremony, the following pronouncements were made:
Champion team–St. John’s
Best defender-Jalden BANJO JD Myers
Impact player-Ishun Smithen
MVP of the tournament-Omarion Bartlette

The summer camps hosted by the Youth and Sports Department continued on Monday 24th July at the prestigious Four Seasons Resort.
Starting at 9 am on the greens of the luxurious hotel, the sessions in Golf commenced and attracted approximately 25 boys and girls.
Local Golf pro, Robert Byron, took them through their paces, ably assisted by some of the coaches at the Sports Department.
As per usual, they will be taught some of the basic skills of the game, for the remainder of the week.

At the said Resort but starting at 2 pm, was the Tennis program. This attracted some 28 boys and girls on Monday.
Tennis pro, David Wilson and local Tennis coach, Anthony Webbe, took the children through their paces.
During the first session the children were basically taught the various aspects of the court and were engaged in an instructive game of ‘Simon Says’ which enabled them to identify the different lines on the court such as base line, service line etc.
They were also taught how to hold the racket and got a feel of hitting the ball over the net.
These sessions will run from 2 to 4 pm daily and climaxed on Friday 27th July.
Coach at the Sports Department, Tariq Browne also thanked the Resort for their support and assistance with such a program

Meanwhile, an exciting new phenomenon has hit Nevis-
Mr. Mackay France, Director of Guest Experiences at the prestigious Four Seasons Resort, on Sunday 2nd December, formally introduced to the general public, the latest sporting craze, not only at the Resort but in other parts of the world.
It is referred to as Foot Golf. He explained that it is like playing Football, utilizing the Golf course and the basic same elements that apply to Golf, will apply to the game, except for the fact that instead of hitting a Golf ball with a club, the player will be kicking a Football, with the aim of eventually hitting it into a bucket sized hole, at the end of the course.
On that day, Mr. France invited team members from the Hard times Football club to participate in a game and they truly had fun.
Curtis Morton Jr emerged as the ultimate winner on the day.
Speaking of new sports-
Saturday 1st December saw a historic first in Nevis. On that day, members of the Handball Association of St. Kitts and Nevis, assembled at Pinneys beach, in the vicinity of the popular Sunshine’s bar and grill, to teach the game to interested persons on the island.
The event was coordinated by the Youth and Sports Department on Nevis and Director of Sports Mr. Jamir Claxton, warmly welcomed the members of the executive, while explaining that it was the very first time that the game was being tried out on the island.
One of the members of the Association, Mr. Leroy Greene presented some equipment to a fellow member of the executive (Nevis based), Mrs. Govanie Hendrickson, which included balls and nets.
He stated that one of the most watched sports at the last Rio Olympics, was not Football but Handball and stated that he was happy that the game was finally coming to Nevis.
Mrs. Hendrickson expressed her appreciation to the Association on behalf of the people of Nevis.
It is expected that the persons who attended the session at Pinneys Beach will now proceed to teach the game in the schools and to interested members of the general public.

St. Lucia wins under 23 tournament
It is official. Team St. Lucia has come away as the undisputed champions for the 2018 edition of the OECS under 23 Netball tournament.
This feat was accomplished on the final night of competition– Thursday 12th July, at the Pamela Tyson Netball stadium.
The St. Vincent and the Grenadines team, received strong support from the local crowd, as a win in their favour would have given the home team, St. Kitts, a chance at championship honours, as that would have meant that three teams would have had the same number of wins and thus the champion team would have been determined by goal average.
Team St. Lucia made sure that there were no such possibilities, as they outplayed the St. Vincent and the Grenadines team, to win by a margin of 38 to 28.
Six teams competed for the championship title: Antigua and Barbuda, the Commonwealth of Dominica, Nevis, St Kitts, Saint Lucia and St Vincent and the Grenadines. Defending champions Grenada, will not be participating in the tournament. Nevis failed to win a single game but the team members were happy for the experience.

With the sport of Netball on a continuous decline on the island, the Youth and Sports Department, coordinated an effort in reviving the once popular sport, by hosting a series of Netball sessions right across the island.
From the interest generated, Director , Jamir Claxton is encouraged that by next year, Netball will be alive and well on the island once again.

As we conclude our year in sports, we note quite sadly, the passing of former Masters’ cricketer, Eustace BROTHER Wallace and we again express condolences to his grieving wife and the entire family.
Our hearts also go out to Teddy BLACKMAN Liburd, another Masters’ cricketer who suffered severe damage during a recent motor vehicular accident.
Our thoughts and prayers are with him and family, at this time, as we wish him a speedy and full recovery.
There are still some sporting organizations on the island that are obviously not pulling their weight and we hope that the athletes who are featured in those particular disciplines, will not get weary in well doing and we expect that there will be a shaking up of sorts of such associations in the new year, if Minster Eric Evelyn has anything to do with it.
Minister Evelyn, during his budget debate presentation, was very blunt with the associations that are not delivering at this time.
He noted that some associations only come to the government when they are in need of money and additionally there is no accountability as regards the funds given and warned that in 2019, it won’t be ‘business as usual.’
I am Curtis Morton, wishing you a wonderful holiday season and a healthy, spirit filled and prosperous 2019.
Over and out!

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