St. James’ Primary Lauded for Excellence

Undoubtedly, one of the top performing schools at the Interprimary sports meet held on Nevis, on Wednesday 5th April, was the St. James’ Primary School.

In previous years, the school which may well have the smallest number, in terms of enrolled students, would have been placed in Zone B of the competition and would have regularly tailgated the remainder of the pack.

However, with the emphasis placed this year on the acquisition of gold medals, one teacher at the school noted that everybody was now on a level playing field.

On the day, St. James’ Primary, with two or three really outstanding athletes and a determined support cast, really ‘upset the apple cart.’

At the end of the day, the school had secured 6 Gold; 4 Silver; 3 Bronze-13 Medals.

This put them in the enviable position of fourth place, ahead of some of the more established schools like Ivor Walters Primary and Elizbeth Pemberton Primary School.

Kudos must be extended to the athletes, their parents, Headmistress, teachers, coaches and support staff at the school, for a well-rounded and well-coordinated effort.

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