St.James’ Seniors Complete Basic Computer Course

By:Curtis Morton
Charlestown-Nevis-They were all smiles and beaming, as they proudly went forward to collect their certificates from Hon. Hazel Brandy-Williams, Minister of Social Development.
It was a ceremony to present certificates to the deserving members of the St. James’ seniors’ group who had successfully completed several weeks of a basic computer course.
The ceremony which was held on Thursday 25th August at the Red Cross headquarters at Chapel Street, was ably chaired by Deputy Director of the Social Services Department, Mrs. Kim Singh.
The invocation was done by Ms. Yvette Mills and welcome remarks were presented by Mrs. Garcia Hendrickson, Coordinator of the seniors’ division.
She opined that the seniors now know a lot more about the computer than when they commenced the course and challenged them to improve wherever possible.
Ms. Josephine Maynard, then eloquently presented a poem entitled ‘VENGEANCE,’ which was well received.
Mrs. Adina Taylor, the Adult and Continuing Education Officer whose idea it was to get the seniors to learn the basic computer skills, noted that this was the second cohort of seniors as students and stated that she was really proud of their efforts.
She indicated that some of them are now surfing the internet; sending e-mails; playing games and reading articles etc.
She took time out to thank the facilitators: Ms. Julie –Ann Parris; Mr. Sean Joseph and Miss Sherilyn Liburd for their tremendous work, patience and sacrifice in assisting the seniors.
She also thanked the Education Department, The Social Services Department; the VOJN Primary school and all of their related staff members, who collaborated in sharing their expertise and resources, in order to assist the seniors in their endeavour to learn a new skill.
The dynamic Christina Smith in her usual endearing style, captured the hearts of all present with her dramatic presentation, which was effectively an overview of the entire program.
She indicated, much to the amusement of those present, that she now can figure out the passwords of her grandchildren.
Minister of Social Development, Hon. Hazel Brandy Williams then addressed the gathering, under the theme: ‘Seniors doing it again!’
She expressed delight at witnessing the graduation exercise of the second such training course for seniors.
She indicated that she was intrigued at the fact that seniors of this age are still willing to learn something new and noted that recent research conducted in the USA, is showing that over 55% of the persons using the internet, are seniors.
She expressed delight at the fact that the seniors can now monitor their grandchildren in the use of their computers and be a help in positively guiding them through life.
She thanked all of the institutions and individuals who helped to make the computer course a reality.
The graduating class sang lustily, the well-known chorus ‘Thanks, Thanks.’
Minister Brandy-Williams then featured in presenting the certificates to the proud seniors.
A moment’s silence was observed in honour of Ms. Evelyn MARJORIE Weekes, who commenced the class but died before it was concluded.
Special gifts were also presented to Ms. Julie-Ann Parris; Mr. Sean Joseph and Mrs. Adina Taylor.

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