St. Kitts and Nevis Bankers’ & Financial Services Association COVID-19 Press release

The Bankers’ and Financial Services Association (Association) has been monitoring global, regional and local developments related to the novel coronavirus, COVID-19, and we will continue to do so with heightened awareness.

We would like to reassure customers that the member associations are committed to support you through this difficult time, and are taking added precautions to keep our customers and employees safe, as far as possible.

Our member institutions have implemented enhanced measures including:

  1. Increasing the internal cleaning protocol and the required sanitary provisions are in place
  2. Educating customers and staff about ways to inadvertently contract and/or spread the virus

We recognize that direct access to your finances is important to you and encourage all customers to reduce your in-branch transactions as much as possible and recommend using the various delivery channels, as much as possible:

  • Make use of Online and/or Mobile Banking for your transactions
  • Avoid the crowd and – use your bank’s ATM network
  • Try as much as possible to use your debit card, credit card or prepaid card and limit cash transactions
  • Make use of Night depository for commercial customers and contact the member institutions by phone or e-mail

Using these channels would reduce the need to visit your bank and therefore limit your possible exposure to the virus.  We are here to help, and encourage you to contact your Institution, should you require access to any of the channels listed above, which are safe, easy and available 24/7.

As this situation continues to evolve, we remain committed to supporting you and keeping you informed.

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