St. Kitts Masonry Products Limited (SKMP) and Trinidad Cement Company Limited (TCL) host Concrete and Construction Technology Seminar

Over sixty (60) contractors, architects, project managers, and structural engineers from across St. Kitts, participated in a Concrete and Construction Technology Seminar, held under the theme, “Achieving Excellence in Concrete Construction.”

The highly interactive and informative presentations were facilitated by Dr. Robin Osborne, a retired civil engineer, and one of the Region’s foremost experts in the Cement and Concrete industry.

The two (2) day sessions focused on materials and properties, mixes and proportions, methods and procedures, as it relates to use of the cement and concrete in the construction processes.

It also highlighted the importance of effective decision making, managing a team, safety and security, then addressed common problems, with practical solutions using several case studies from across the Caribbean, and further afield.

Onsite demonstrations also complemented the theoretical aspects and gave attendees the opportunity to learn and experience firsthand, how to avoid unnecessary wastage, construction defects, building distress, project delays and even litigation; simply because concrete was not handled sensibly and responsibly.

Participants praised the activity and lauded the companies for taking the steps to continuously enhance the skills of industry professionals to educate, while improving their knowledge of the best practices to ensure success at every stage of building.

The event was held at the Ocean Terrace Inn and sponsored by the St. Kitts Masonry Products Limited (SKMP) and its corporate partner, the Trinidad Cement Company Limited (TCL).

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