St Lucia airports reopen as Chantal moves northward

CASTRIES, St Lucia, Tuesday July 9, 2013 – Prime Minister Dr. Kenny Anthony, has issued the “all clear” for the reopening of the George F.L. Charles Airport and Hewannorra International Airport, as Tropical Storm Chantal continues on her north westward path across the Caribbean.

According to the latest advisory from the Hewanorra Meteorological Office, “Tropical Storm Chantal is quickly moving away from our area and no longer poses a threat to St Lucia”.

While weather conditions are expected to remain wet and windy through Tuesday, officials from the Meteorological Office say conditions will gradually improve as Tropical Storm Chantal exits the region.

However, the Prime Minister advised residents not to venture outdoors unless it is absolutely necessary and urged them to exercise a great degree of caution, as there could be fallen trees and power lines in some areas.

“Early reports suggested that we have been extremely fortunate. We have been spared the potential wrath of a very serious storm. I’m extremely pleased to have seen the efforts made by the National Emergency Management Organization, other essential services, the business community and citizens, to prepare for ‘the worse’ while praying for the best.

I will continue to monitor the reports coming from around the island and a further statement will be issued on the status of other public facilities and businesses,” the Prime Minister said.

He advised the public to continue to pay attention to advisories from the Meteorological Office and the National Emergency Management Organization (NEMO).

His assessment came as reports of fallen trees and power lines, and at a few land slippages continue to come in from various parts of the island, following heavy downpours early Tuesday morning accompanied by occasional strong gusts.

Schools across the island remained closed Tuesday along with the islands business community, but life here is expected to be back to normal on Wednesday.


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