St. Paul’s and St. John’s Lead in Best of Three Series

The best of three playoff series in the under 20 tournament, commenced on Saturday night-25th March.
Game one was a really exciting affair, as St. Paul’s and St. Thomas’ faced off in the first match which proved to be a crowd warming encounter.
For most of the game, the scores were continuously tied, until in the final moments of the game, Zakeese Smith made a couple of crucial baskets, which made the world of difference
Final score:
St. Paul’s Parish 45 to St. Thomas Parish 39

First quarter St. Thomas 14 St. Paul’s 12
Second quarter St. Paul’s 10 St. Thomas 6
Third quarter St. Thomas 13 St. Paul’s 10
Fourth quarter St. Paul’s 13 St. Thomas 6

Half time score 22 – 20 in favor of St. Paul’s Parish

St. Paul’s Parish 45 points
Zakeese Smith 10poi 15reb 3ste 1b/s 2 turnover 0 of 2 free throw
Thabiti Abrams 21poi 4reb 3ste 4 of 9 free throw made
Ozeal Collins 8poi 6reb 2ste 2 turnovers 0 of 4 free throw

St. Thomas Parish 39 points
Hakeem Harvey 13poi 11reb 1ass 1ste 1b/s 3turnovers 3 of 4 free throw made
Hassan Harvey 16poi 8reb 2ste 5turnover 2 of 4 free throw made
Deondre Moving 2poi 3reb 1 turnover

The second game saw St. John’s engaging neighbours, St. George’s, in what proved to be a one sided affair.
The first quarter’s score of 20 to 5, virtually tells the story, although, St. George’s showed more fight in the second half of the game.
Final score:

St. John’s Parish 88 St. Georges 49

First quarter St. John’s 20 St. Georges 5
Second quarter St. John’s 22 St. Georges 6
Third quarter St. John’s 28 St. Georges 14
Fourth quarter St. Georges 24 St. John’s 18

Half time score 42-11 in favor of St. John’s Parish

St. John’s Parish 88 points
Kareem Parry 37poi 5reb 7ass 5ste 2b/s 6turnover 4 of 8 free throw made
Gassano Barry 13poi 15reb 3ass 3ste 2b/s 13turnovers 1 of 2 free throw made
Jerome Clarke 20poi 12reb 1ste 6turnover
Dicquane Gerald 13poi 1reb 4ass 2ste 3turnover

St. Georges Parish 49 points
Shaphan Chapman 20poi 9reb 3ass 4ste 7turnovers
Marlon Emilien 10poi 4reb 2ass 2turnovers
Sheldon Browne 7poi 5reb 2ass 1ste 8turnover 1 of 2 free throw made
Jaleel Huggins 12poi 3ste 2turnover 2 of 9 free throw made
Round two of the series was previously set for Sunday 26th march but had to be postponed

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