St.Thomas’ Fes’ Committee Hosts Succesful Fun Day

As part of the 2016 edition of the St. Thomas’ Festival, the parish committee hosted a successful fun day, on Monday 19th September.
The activity was held at the Cotton Ground playing field and scores of individuals, not only from the parish, but from across the island, showed up to enjoy the festivities.
There was much food; drink and music in galore and the persons present were able to engage in or witness a variety of games which included dominoes; Football and Netball.
The very intense Football match involved players from within and without the parish and created much excitement. The final score was not immediately available.
The evening’s activities climaxed with game three of the males versus females Netball competition, with the males starting the game, having won two of the best of three matches, up to that point.
According to Captain Rhonda Thompson, she would have ensured that she had a much stronger team on show.
However, as was the case in the previous two matches, the male team dominated from start to finish.
Final score: Males 39 Females 12.

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