Statement by Minister of Foreign Affairs, Hon. Carl Greenidge, performing the duties of President, following the Court of Appeal’s ruling on the December 21 Vote.

Mar 23, 2019 Government, Ministry of the Presidency, News, Statements

The Government of Guyana takes note of the majority decision of the Court of Appeal handed down today, Friday, March 22, 2019.

The Government is pleased with the decision as it settles matters which have been discussed ad nauseum for several months and which had led to some level of uncertainty in the society. The majority decision establishes that the Coalition Government is legal and lawful, and constitutionally remains in office without hindrance or let.

The Government, from the time of inviting the Speaker is the National Assembly to revisit and address the vote of December 21, and its consequences, was confident that the required threshold for a no-confidence vote was 34 votes and not 33. That position has been, today, eminently vindicated by the esteemed members of the Court of Appeal. The Chancellor, Yonette Cummings-Edwards, Justice Dawn Gregory and Justice Rishi Persaud.

This majority decision reaffirms and underscores that democracy in Guyana remains robust and strong and that we are, as a society making significant strides with regard to how we approach complex and difficult problems in a mature and responsible manner; the spurts of disruptive and divisive calls notwithstanding. It also underscores respect for the independence of the Judiciary and the separation of powers.

I now appeal to all Guyanese to respect the ruling of the Court of Appeal. And should there be additional legal challenges at the level at the Caribbean Court of Justice we should remain calm in awaiting the outcome of that process as well.

I urge all Guyanese to conduct their business and go about their daily activities with the full confidence that their safety and well-being are assured. Henceforth the situation as regards Parliament is restored to the position as at 21 December, prior to the vote. Arrangements will be made for Parliament to meet and conduct its business unhindered. There are no barriers to the President and the Cabinet moving forward as they see fit and without unusual hinderances.

I Thank You.

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